Monster Keys to Patriots Cards 

So you think you’ve got it bad ? Think this is a difficult season for you to sit through ? put yourself in my shoes, For eleven weeks I’ve come here with keys in hand – keys that fit whatever lock the patriots needed opening- keys that turned as effortlessly as you first car with power steering , but Either Josh or Bill or Bill Jr  week after week have chosen to ignore my labor and shun my craftsmanship. Then i remembered I’m here for all of you not them, for me this is a labor of love not one of toil, i’m an artist and an artist gotta art, so without further ado . here are the monster keys to Patriots victory over the Cards 

Disguise your looks –  the base principle of this Cards offense is to find grass. that’s it plain and simple, disguise your looks early and make it more difficult for Murray to see where the lawn is 

Bring the Pressure and Bring it from different places – we saw last week that pressure needs to be applied for the back end of this “ defense “ to look good lets dile some up this week shall we and never from the same place twice 

Manage the Box – If Kingberry sees a light box he’s gonna  have Murray check to a run,  bank on it , look for Dugger to be the plus one this weeks dance as Bill begs this team to run with a light “ Looking “ box 

Align – Assign – Assassinate 

This D contrary to popular belief is young and stuipd do not ask them to do more than they are capable of , we have seen this too many times this year when the kids are in the wrong gap or passing off receivers to guys that just aren’t there, get the right guys in the right alignment so they know their assignment and let them become assassins. 

Run the Dam Rock 

This team can no longer adjust it’s game plan by the week on this side of the ball. It can no longer look at what the opposing D is handing them on a platter and simply say thank you and eat. It must force it’s will on their opposition and hide the flaws of it’s own D. and limit the opposition’s TOP, that means RUN THE DAMN ROCK  

The Weeklies 

No Yac 

Yac is like Crack to these air raid teams . No YARDS AFTER CATCH NO YARDS AFTER CONTACT ZERO NONE, not this week or the Pats will be feeling the burn like it was a fourth of July sans sunblock  . 

Win the turnover Battle

This team simply can’t push in this department and it definitely can’t be down in this oh so important statistical category. Go get me my extras 

Limit the laundry 

The stupid is getting out of control here, the penalties have got to be eliminated 

Own third down 

Get this team into third and long and get them off the field. Move the damn chains Josh. 


Play action 

I want to see more play action in this week’s game plan. Yes i know Cam has issues with touch and timing, but the glaring hole in this offence is using this weapon in both third down efficiency and clock control. 

Thats it my rabid readers , I hope you all had a wonderful beginning to this holiday season. And lets hope The hoodie takes my keys this week and uses each one, god knows we all deserve it . 

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Author: Thomas Murphy