Monster Keys to Squish the Phish Part Deux

As the saying goes “ Toss out the record books “ it’s rivalry week – it’s payback time – it’s divisional football people, I’ve written this column so many times with so many Phish incarnations i could do it in my sleep, that is until 2020.. Week one is now a distant memory the Flophins had no clue what to expect from The Cam led Patriots and it showed in the final score. Ahh the good old days, but after a .500 west coast trip the Pats deficiencies are well documented and their path to the playoffs has turned into a path to the draft, the only thing keeping this team from a better pick is pride and the hoodies quest to be the winningest coach in NFL history, and of course My Monster Keys to victory , here they are 

Inforce their will . 

Last sunday the Pats O-Line never got their feet under their huge frame and it put the Pats in a precarious position. This week should be a different story, or is it ? Brain flores has this defense clicking if not on all cylinders at least seven of eight . Let the Line establish themselves early and ride the running game into early first downs and first half success. 

Attack the edge 

Raekwon Davis and Zach Sieler are clogging the middle of the field as well as any interior defensive pair in the NFL Get Damien and Mr White to the edge get Cam to the edge and get into third and short situations. 

Shell Games 

No matter who is under center rookie or seasoned veteran keeping them in the dark is usually a pretty good idea. The Pats need to mix up their coverages and not show their hand too early. Keep Tua  in the dark keep him guessing,

Crash or Burn 

Once again the Pats are facing off with a “ mobile QB “ crash down from the edges and keep Tua in the pocket.don’t let him extend plays yes this week it is about getting to the QB. this is not the week to blitz, get home with four 

Read and React

Cam is goin to have to make the right calls from under center and take what the Flophins are giving him, this game may come down to three or four passing plays and he will need to be in target.

The weeklies 

Win the turnover battle – the Pats are plus seven in TO margin in their six wins , minus 6 in their seven losses. Take care of the damn ball. 

No Yac – there has been far too much of this red ink on the patriots ledger this season

Own third down – the pats need to sustain drives, get into third and short situations and move the sticks 

Eliminate the STUPID – No flags – none – ZERO 

Thats it Patriots Nation, i know some of you are bleeding for a better draft pick i know you think the only way to the promise land is the next great QB, but these last three games are are divisional they’re personal and i want all three, it starts sunday, the next great QB is not the only way.

Author: Thomas Murphy