Monster Keys to Patriots victory over Bills II

The Monster Keys to Patriots victory over Buffffffalow 

Once more into the deep dark abyss that is orchard park. I know, I know, some – well more than some of you are upset that all my keys turned last week against the Broncos but this is my job – it’s what I do.  We move on. Onto the biggest rat hole in the NFL. As I said on Xitter this week, the one stadium in the world I wouldn’t take my lovely wife. And yes, I’ve been to Aztec Stadium. Here are my monster keys to beating the Billdoes 

Make Josh Allen Beat you 

What? You tugging on “Superman’s Cape“ Murph?  You bet your ass I am. I want the Patriots to load up and shut down the Bills rushing game. The Bills have won four of their last five games and that turnaround has not been due to the arm of Mr. I believe my own press. 30 Att , 105 yds against the Chargers – 49 and 266 vs the Cowboys – 40 and 173 vs the Eagles. The Bills want to run the ball. Don’t let that happen, stack the box and let the front seven eat what the Bills want to COOK … get it ? 

Now go get him. 

The Patriots need to unleash Barmore on Allen. I want Christian Barmore on Allen like, white on rice – like cold on ice – like stink on, well a Bills fan. Press him from up the middle and let the edges be set. Do not let him get outside to scrabble for first downs. Give Jonathan Jones help over the top on Diggs, do not let him get behind you. the only rushing i want to see is Allen’s throws to Gabe Davis and Dalton Kincaid. 

The weeklies 

Own Third Down – The Bills lead the league in third down rate 49.2 % if you can’t convert your own – and you can’t (31.3% for those keeping score at home. You have to stop the opponent. Turn the first key and help out here. 

Limit the Laundry – The Bills are one of the most penalised teams in the league.  Let them keep jacking themselves up while you keep riding the solid play train you’ve been on over the last three games. 

Own the Red Zone – The D has been more than handling their end of this bargain. Time for the overpaid guys to do their job and get sixes. 

Win the Turnover Battle – Buffalo averages one INT a game and they put the ball on the turf at least once a game – 3 times in their last outing. Punch it out and fall on it fast. 

All three Phases – lets put one together this week people

Flip the field – this is going to be a field position game. Sorry Teddy Johnson, this is how winning football is played. Not going for it on every 4th down. Pin them deep,

 make them earn it. 

Secret Key , check it out at Locked on Patriots youtube channel ~ Revealed

Walk Like an Egyptian 

Yes More Pharaoh Brown – all the man does is make plays and move the chains, i want a steady diet of Pharaoh on Sunday, i want him tight to the line i want him moving . I want him at Fullback. What can Brown do for you ? A LOT 

Hot Reads 

Zappe has got to do a better job when the heat is on. He’s not seeing wide open receivers and when he does he isn’t hitting them. The short game has to get better. Identify the blitz and throw to the open space.  

Sling it 

With the Patriots O-line looking again like a MASH unit the patriots are going to have to get quick and creative. The run game has been nonexistent teams are loading up to stop the Pats thin running back corp. And it’s worked, this opens up the middle of the field. I need rub routes, I need wheel routes, I need seams busted. The Bills DBs are a weak spot , Exploit it. Use Zeke catching the ball out of the backfield as a running game. 

That’s it, my rabid readers. Just thinking about this trip makes me want to get into a hot shower and stay there until sunday. I can’t believe the state of NY shelled out over 2 billion dollars to build this town a new stadium. I hear it has its own prison. Not a lock up a prison. If you’re going to the game, Don’t forget to start an antibiotic cycle well beforehand. And watch out for UFMA’s unidentified flying marital aids. And for god sakes don’t touch anything or anyone. 

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Author: Thomas Murphy