A Fine Gronking

With the forty second pick in the 2010 NFL Entry Draft The New England Patriots Select Rob Gronkowski of the University of Arizona…. The rest is history. As Rob Gronkowski danced on that stage he began his dance into the hearts and mind of Patriots Nation, in less than a decade a kid from upstate New York wove himself into the fabric of New England, who would have thunk it ?


We didn’t know at that moment what we were getting. Most of us saw  a goofy kid who loved playing football. What we got was a goofy kid who would change the face of football. An unstoppable force that ran over and through immovable objects. A man who took pride and joy in humiliating opponents on the field with his play yet was for the most part just as humble and praising in talking about those same men he just annihilated. Men who for almost a decade tried their best on every play to maim him, because

“ There was no other way to bring him down”

The only list as long as Gronks accompaniments on the field is the list of injuries and surgeries he has had to rehab from. Back – Forearm – Knee – Hamstrings and Groin.  Just twice in his nine year career did Gronk play all 16 games, those seasons were his rookie and sophomore campaign, he played this game with reckless abandon and those he played against played with reckless intent. After nine seasons Rob has had enough.

For every athlete one day it all comes to an end. For some of us we are told by coaches “that’s it son sorry you didn’t make the cut, this is as far as you go”. Some are lucky enough to decide to walk off into the sunset having had enough. The saddest endings are when your body can’t take anymore. I believe that’s what Rob is trying to avoid now. Could he continue ? Sure, i think we all saw even in a down year Rob Gronkowski still has what it takes to be the most dominant force in football , but does he want to risk what’s left of his body ? Does he want to hang on and be told ‘Sorry Son “ ?, i don’t think so. Gronk  has been to the top of the mountain and stood there. he knows the feeling of winning and losing super bowls. I think he wanted to go out with that winning feeling. He wants to go out the same way he came in.




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Author: Thomas Murphy