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Week #6 Fantasy Football Preview

Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73


5:00: @AdamRotis FullTimeFantasy.com Senior Fantasy Expert 

40:00: DFS Fantasy Expert DailyRoto.com @RSandersDFS

65:00: @NYPost Fantasy Writer Drew Loftis @NYPost_Loftis

Friday October 11th – 1130am EST

A Weekly preview of the relevant and irrelevant players and the matchups that will help owners win their matchups and cash in DFS. 

Fantasy Sports Analyst Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73 & New York Post Fantasy Football Writer Drew Loftis @NYPost_Loftis preview EVERY game on the NFL slate so owners can make those tough Start/Sit decisions. And, for those Daily Fantasy Football obsessed fans, DailyRoto.com’s Ricky Sanders @RSandersDFS and FullTimefantasy.com’s Adam Ronis @AdamRonis provide the winning formulas and the best plays for Week #6 in Daily Fantasy Football.  

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Show Topics

* Introduction

Chris Mitchell

Start Time: 00:00

* Daily Fantasy Football

FullTimeFantasy.com Fantasy Writer and SiriusXM Radio Host @AdamRonis 

Start Time: 5:00 


* Go-to producers/values so far after five weeks in Fantasy football? Players owners should be starting every week regardless of matchup and price?


“Christian McCaffery.

Chris Godwin (breakout player of the year)”

* Flip that coin to the flops, any consistently overpriced, bad values?


“Can’t automatically rule out anyone because the price in DFS eventually finds a good value level. Odell Beckham is a guy that has been awful, but the price is good now. The entire Cleveland Offense is an issue that has hurt ODB. Coaching, the offensive line, so not necessarily Baker Mayfield or Beckham Jr. having a bad year.” 

* How are you building your lineup this week in both Head-to-Head and Tournament play?


“Strategy: There are a lot of injuries situations to watch. The Todd Gurley and David Johnson Injuries being the biggest ones. Might be knee issue, Team saying it’s a quad.” 

“Malcolm Brown is intriguing for price if he gets the workload. Rams win.

David Johnson. His backup is a pricey bargain chase evans $4600 on Draftkings”

“Owners want shares in Cardinals/Falcons game.”

“Kittle is a good buy at $5200 on Draftkings. This is a good week to pay for the tight end, even rostering two, using the Utility/Flex spot at TE. Kelce due for huge game. Chiefs game, owners need to have shares in the most explosive game of the day.”

* Best Matchups? Worst matchups? Targeting and fading.


“The Ravens could be sneaky high scoring with an Over/Under of 48. The Bengals are getting killed by the run making Mark Ingram a play and even Gus Edwards could vulture some points in yearly leagues.”

“The Bengals could do OK also, the Ravens defense isn’t that good either.”

“Rams/49ers: Rams are due and rested”

“Titans and Broncos – Stay away OU 41.”

“Redskins/Dolphins could have a piece or two: Preston Williams is an intriguing one in this one.”

* Best Values? Worst values?


“D.J. Chark Jr for Jacksonville Jaguars – Marcus Lattimore could shadow him so could be an issue.”

“Christian Kirk if he plays could be intriguing.”

“DeeDee Westbrook since everyone might be on Chark Jr. Good value.”

“Preston Williams.”

“Gurley/Johnson injuries could create values.”

“Ito Smith may get touches, not cheap enough though with doubts about volume. Not a great value.”

“Carlos Hyde because of matchup has some potential at a low price.”

“Paying up for Tight Ends. Hooper/Kittle/Kelce, Everett is intriguing but Cooks could hurt his volume, limiting his potential. Pay up at Tight End this week.”

* Starting DFS lineup for Week #6 


2 QBs: Kyler Murray and Matt Ryan

2 RB: Alvin Kamara and Chase Edmonds if David Johnson is out 

2 WR: Deandre Hopkins and Robert Woods

2 TE: Travis Kelce and Austin Hooper 

2 Defenses: Nothing special – Titans at $2900 — Cowboys too expensive because of their inability to create turnovers.

2 Bargains: DeDe Westbrook, Auden Tate of the Bengals and Preston Williams. 

DailyRoto.com Fantasy Writer @RickySandersDFS

Start Time: 40:00

DailyRoto.com Fantasy Writer and one of the best DFS players I know and still NBA lover despite my attempts to inform him that it is a TERRRIBLE LEAGUE

DFS Thoughts through Five weeks


“We don’t know anything yet.” Small sample is truly the case so far this season. Golden Tate vs New England Thursday is the example. Patriots defense has been lights out and yet he goes out and produces a good night for owners.”

“Thinks David Johnson will be out, makes Edmonds a good pick.”

* Have there been any consistent go-to producers or values so far after 5 weeks? Guys you are are starting every week regardless of matchup and price?


‘Mccaffery is the only guy but generally, high volume backs are always go-to guys. High Volume backs are ALWAYS in winning lineups in tournaments. Volume=Winning in Tournaments.”

“Wide Receivers are volatile, though Michael Thomas is as stable as there is out there at the WR position.  

“Audon Tate of the Bengals a nice value and sleeper this week.” — @AdamRonis liked him too.

“Chase Edmonds and Audon Tate could save you money”

“Not worried about the chalk at the top.”

Stacks are how @RSandersDFS differentiates winning or losing. Not the top, popular/chalk plays.

“KC/Houston is NOT a must play game.”

“LeVeon Bell ownership could be lower than it should be.”

“Cowboys wide receiver ownership looks low, Prescott ownership is too. Provides good RB exposure and contrarian rosters.”

* Stacks EVERYONE will play



QB: 14/15% ownership. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce and Mahomes Stack.

* Contrarian stacks

“Lamar jackson/Mark Andrews Stack”

“Cowboy stack. Prescott/Cooper/Gallup.”

“Jets stack. Darnold/Jamison Crowder/ LeVeon Bell/Robby Anderson.”

* How To Stack – How High?


“Four player stacks is the best approach. Three if you love Amari Cooper this week in the Dallas Stack, but four player stack if you feel like the production will be spread around.”

“QB/2 pass catcher from one team and a player from the opposing team is how you win tournaments.”


* Other Stacks/Targets



Minn vs Philly could be interesting

“Thielen has seen a ton of volume”

“DeDe Westbrook one of favorite plays of the weekend”

* @RSandersDFS Starting lineup 

2 QB: Mahomes Prescott

2 RB: Fournette in H2h.  L Bell and Chris Carson in tourney – low ownership

2 WR: Amari Cooper D Hopkins but likely can’t afford him with the RB’s and Tight Ends. Ty Boyd makes more financial sense.

2 TE: Pay for TEs – Mark Andrews (especially if Hollywood Marquise Brown is out). Hooper best matchup in fantasy this week 

2 Defenses  Balt vs Cincy. shuffle otherwise —- anyone playing Redskins/Jets before Darnold return/Pats D playing all those bad teams — Bears have been this season — 

2 Bargains  Lindsay vs tennessee —  Jamison Crowder 4k price –> bargain. DeDe Westbrook. Jets could be competitive and Darnold makes them all better.

Game-By-Game Breakdown w/ Drew Loftis

* Surprises so far threw 5 weeks

* Sell High on NE D or is this going to continue?

Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 


“Panthers have been better with Kyle Allen than Cam Newton. Tampa Bay is a good run D. Maybe own McCaffery in cash more than tourneys for DFS.”

“Ronald Jones has been respectable and Carolina run defense has been so-so.”


“Neither defense scares me, making all the usual suspects viable. I am avoiding the Bucs running backs in all formats and situations, but I am open to starting the Panthers receivers if the alternatives are comparable because of the benefit of the Bucs matchup and the potential of a high scoring game. 

Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns


“Seattle secondary is “average” and can be exploited to some degree.

Neither matchup makes or breaks a Start/Sit decision.”


“Chris Carson and his 7th most rushing attempts is a DFS target worth the price because of his volume while Tyler Lockett has been good enough to earn borderline must-start status in all leagues.” 

Beckham and Mayfield are killing owners, but if they deserved to start before – Beckham did and Mayfield may or may not have depending on your Draft enthusiasm about him – then they start now. This could be a Landry game against a middle-of-the-road pass defense of Seattle on the road.

Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs


“Throw the kitchen sink.”


“Same. DFS players are going to go crazy with shares on this one so i you want to be a contrarian this week is probably an easy week with lots of alternatives. Travis Kelce is due and should have a good day with a chance for a great one. In DFS I am avoiding Will Fuller because of recency bias after his monster Week #5 performance and Tyreek Hill because his snap volume and the quality of his play is an unknown, but they both start in yearly leagues. Carlos Hyde is normally a bench, but the matchup dictates a Flex upgrade in most formats.”

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins


“One thing about bad teams is they have bad defenses. Adrian Peterson could benefit. Mclaurin could have value. Preston Williams could have some value. Will have a stack from this game.”


“I agree with Mr. Loftis that with bad teams means the potential for good production, but I also believe it can result in stifling ineptness. That level of uncertainty has me reluctant to start anyone but Redskins WR Terry McLaurin in yearly leagues. Bad is bad and that means bench Kenyan Drake and AdrianPeterson. In DFS, it’s a great contrarian opportunity. I am following the lead of @RSandersDFS and @AdamRonis with bargain play Preston Williams as a consideration depending on your budget after you’ve built your core squad. But. I do not think he is a must-start. If you need the savings then he is viable, but if you don’t then don’t reach. 

Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings


“Cousins should be good in this one and the Eagles are good against the run. It could be a stalemate situation. Diggs could benefit from this matchup.”


“The matchup isn’t good or bad enough to change my mind on any of the obvious plays. I am starting Stefon Diggs if I have better alternatives, but the matchup doesn’t demand a Start or a Sit. The Eagles run defense has me reluctant to absorb the cost for Cook in DFS but he is a must-start even if the NFL allowed the Eagles 13 defenders instead of 11 in yearly leagues.”

New Orleans Saints @ Jacksonville Jaguars


“Starting your Saints that you always start. Fournette volume alone justifies a start as well. Chark JR. keeps scoring so he is a start. Minshew is interesting in DFS because of the matchup. Slot matchup looking good for Dede Westbrook in DFS, not yearly really.”


Dede Westbrook is a popular name this week and so that has me on board in yearly leagues and fading the buzz in DFS. Chark Jr. is a must-start in yearly leagues until he proves he isn’t a touchdown magnet, but I am reluctant to continue to pay the escalating cost in DFS. One of these weeks Chark is going to jump the shark and so I am selling while I am ahead in Daily.”  

Cincinnati Bungals @ Baltimore Ravens


“Ravens Defense is mediocre and not a PLUS matchup, but not neutral either.” 

“Bengals have shown up in a couple games and not in a couple others. They are bad, but not Redskins/Dolphins bad.

Start Ravens that usually start.”


“Lamar Jackson is a must-start Fantasy player and this is a week that he could combine what makes him a must-start – his running ability – and what makes him a potential Fantasy MVP – his upside in the passing game. I am paying the price in DFS because of the matchup and stacking Mark Andrews and possibly Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. I don’t love Willie Snead based on his talent, but I am considering a punt-price play in DFS. A Ravens stack could be huge and Lamar Jackson/Andrews/Snead has a contrarian feel and a great low-cost price tag. It’s a risk but one I am feeling this week, especially for owners who use multiple lineups. Joe Mixon gets another week in my lineup but he is close to being benched, especially if he struggles this week. Auden Tate is a popular name this week and I am not opposed to it, but owners need to realize it is all hypothetical and lacks any real data to justify the risk. It’s a bargain-basement punt-play to me. I am still a Tyler Boyd guy and sticking with it.”  

San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams


“Looking like Gurley sits and Malcolm Brown is a start and should be productive. Don’t overbuy the love of his ability but the volume and goal line makes him viable.”

“Goff looks like he is regressing. Hurting Woods and Cooks.

3-headed RB situation in San Fran damages them all.” 


San Francisco’s run defense reduces Browns effectiveness but doesn’t prevent him from being a start in yearly. He is a good price in DFS, but owners should be prepared for Brown to be an extremely popular play and for that reason and a lack of guaranteed volume, I am fading the lemming effect and looking elsewhere. There should be some points in this one, making Marquis Goodwin an intriguing bargain-basement punt play. The targets haven’t been there but the price will be enticing. It’s easy to love George Kittle this week.”  

Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals


“If David Johnson is out Chase Edmonds is legit. Murray is viable because of the matchup and explosive multifaceted skill set. KeeSean Johnson got a lot of snaps, but lacked the targets. That could change. That many snaps usually results in targets.”

“Good matchup for Ridley.”


“Start the starts and don’t be afraid to use @RSandersDFS strategy in DFS –> “A QB/2 pass catchers from one team and a player from the opposing team is how you win tournaments.” A stack of Matt Ryan/Calvin Ridley/Mohammed Sanu and Larry Fitzgerald is a bargain that could spread the points around and result in a productive day. It avoids the expensive Julio Jones price tag but gains exposure to a potentially explosive game. Or, stack Matt Ryan/Julio Jones along with Kirk or Fitzgerald and pay a little more but spread it around to fewer players and use a bargain to fill that extra roster spot. I am going with @RSandersDFS and stacking a QB/2 WR and then a Cardinal WR here rather than put all my eggs in Julio Jones. 

In yearly leagues, deeper ones specifically, I want to find a way to get Sanu in lineups where I can because I want as much exposure as possible against the Cardinals defense.”

Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos


“Delanie Walker has been abysmal. Not even rosterable at this point. 

Lindsay is great to watch but Freeman is getting in his way too much. Lindsay has more goal line opportunities than you would think. 2-Rb committee that is hurting both.

Courtland Sutton is an intriguing option. Consistent and solid so far. Flex play.”


I don’t like anyone in this game. Some games are low scoring snooze fests and this one looks like the one in week six. Derek Henry starts purely because of volume and the chance he scores a couple touchdowns, but otherwise I am sitting all other Titans. I am avoiding Sutton and wherever possible benching Emmanuel Sanders as well. 

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Jets


“Expects Darnold to be an upgrade from Falk but long layoffs lead to rust and that’s expected this week. And, Cowboys are better than they have shown recently. Fatigue could even be an issue for Darnold. Jamison Crowder, in one game, looked like Darnold’s go-to guy. Small sample, but interesting.”


The Jets can’t be worse but I am not all of a sudden loving me some Jets because Darnold is back. I expect rust and a lack of chemistry from the Jets offense and the Cowboys defense is better than they are being given credit for after two rough weeks in a row. I am on the Crowder train in DFS however, but not because of love for Darnold’s explosive ability but because of the price and I do expect volume there. The Jets are a very intriguing stack. If the cost is low enough I can be convinced to jump back on board so check your lineup and see how stacking the Jets-Jets-Jets allows you elite alternatives in other spots, especially at Tight End and wide running back. A Cowboys stack looks more enticing to me. Much more reliable, significantly less risky with the potential to be far more explosive.” 

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Los Angeles Chargers


“Higgins at QB, still starting JuJu. Staying away from the rest.

Gordon and Ekeler start. Gordon’s workload should increase. “I’m not bending over backwards to bench him.” “Ekeler shuold produce what Tarik Cohen was projected to be.” Mike Williams is better than he has been, but it doesn’t happen. Leaning Sit, but want to see him realize his potential and earn start status.


“I agree that it might be too-clever by at least half to bench JuJu, but with all the bad defenses out there, I am sitting him if I can find something remotely intriguing at wide receiver. For a Top 10 calibre WR that had a Top 25 ADP, that is a scary indictment of what this Steelers team has become but I am at that point.”

“Ekeler and Gordon start but next week Ekeler becomes a weekly Start/Sit debate assuming Gordon’s touches and targets and snaps increase as I expect them too. Mike Williams is a Sit until he shows signs of deserving a Start, but I think that could be coming. Buy low feeling here.Just not frisky enough to start him this week.” 

Detroit Lions @Green Bay Packers


“Aaron Jones is a confident play until Jamal Williams comes back. Green Bay Coach through flow and game plan could eat into Jones’ value by forcing undeserved touches to Williams.”

“Kerryon Johnson could have a big one. GB has struggled vs the run. Could limit the scores, slow it down.”


“This game has the throwing talent at QB to be high scoring but I am expecting a somewhat dysfunctional, choppy effort from both sides resulting in a low scoring, low-output group of Fantasy viable options. A lot of running from Detroit’s offense and a lot of stops by their Defense of a Packers offense that still lacks the dominant consistency that an Aaron Rodgers led team should bring each week.I always want to chase Rodgers potentially with one of his secondary receiving options and I am always disappointed. Not doing it this week.” 



Adrian Peterson 2TD game

Preston Williams for Miami

Chase Edmonds foe Arizona if Johnson doesn’t play

Jamison Crowder or Robby Anderson for Jets

Gallup for Cowboys

Flier on Coutee in KC/Hou game – potential long touchdown

Aldon Tate intriguing


Aaron Jones come back to earth

SF run game is too crowded so a bust is going to happen.

Stefon Diggs and JuJU and Odell Beckham Jr are starting that owners will regret not sitting

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