Alex Verdugo Practically Flips off Alex Cora in Yankee Press Conference 

Ali vs Frazier , Peyton Manning and Mike Vanderjack hell Kramer Vs Kramer,   is going to have nothing On Alex vs Alex … It’s no secret that Alex Cora disliked Alex Verdugo. Well now it’s no secret that the feeling is mutual. Things are about to heat up again in the greatest rivalry in sports. 

During his introductory press conference with the Yankees today Verdugo took a few not so veiled shots at his former skipper .. 

“I’m very, very excited to work with Aaron,” Verdugo said. “I’ve seen the way he has his players’ backs. The one that really stands out to me is when he’s like ‘These guys are savages’ and he’s yelling at the umpire. I mean, that’s something I want to see out of my head coach, man. I want to see some fire, some fight for the guys. I think just instead of airing people out, have their backs.” 

“I’m really excited for this fresh start and just to kind of get with the guys and really just change the narrative. Go out there and work hard, play hard, and just have fun. That’s the biggest thing.”

“ Instead of airing people out, have their backs.”

Verdugo was sat down twice last season by Cora for being lazy and being late. Two things any Manager with his salt would never abide. But that was it. there was no public dragging, Cora handled it with class. Verdugo has chosen to take the low road here.

Under the old regime of Chaim Bloom who was trying to save face in the Mookie Betts trade not a lot was done about this. The sit downs were about as far as it was taken. New Leader Craig Breslow was apparently on the side of his manager Cora and shipped him off to the boogie down Bronx for Pitchers Dick Fitts ( yes I’m a huge child ) Greg Weissart and Nicholas Judice. Breslow made a subsequent deal with the St Louis Cardinals for Tyler O’Neil. Who if he can stay healthy should be an upgrade over the departed lollygagger Verdugo. Shots fired indeed. Things are about to go from the back to the front burner between the two longtime rivals. Breslow and Cora felt so unthreatened by Verdugo they made this move, and it sounds like Verdugo wants to make them pay for it.

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Author: Thomas Murphy