Bad news for Eduardo Rodriguez

So sox fans, recent bad news came back for Eduardo Rodriguez.  While he was hoping that he could return this season, news came out the other day that he would be out for the rest of the season due to his Heart Condition. The condition was caused by his bout with COVID-19.  So, some of you may be asking what do we do from here, and what is the team going to do without Rodriguez in the rotation.

This now leaves the Sox management and upper management with a tough task to fill the “void” that is left from not only Chris Sale, but also Rodriguez.

Who do the Sox get to fill in those voids, well one option could be the young pitchers, but as we all have seen so far, pitching has been a problem this season. So now the question becomes, do the Sox go out and get a pitcher either off of the open market, or trade for a pitcher.

One option could be Colin McCugh, who hopefully should be back from his injury, and another option could be Brian Johnson. Johnson has proven that he can be good at times, the main question with him, is consistency and control.

Bright Spots

Two main bright points of the Sox Rotation, would have to be, Martin Perez (2 and 1) after solid start in last night’s win (August 5th) over the Rays in a 5 to 0 shutout, and also Nathan Eovaldi who is 1 and 1 with a 3.94 ERA. This alone though is not going to be enough to get the Sox through the entire season, because as we all know, you have to have not only good pitching, as well as the offense.

Only time will tell what Sox management decides to do, but with the shortened season, something needs to happen, and fast at that.

Until Next Time– Chad Riley–Out

Author: Chad Riley