BOSTON CELTICS: Roster Breakdown Part 1

Real Games Are Almost Here

The NBA is days away (3 to be exact) and I am going to have a 3-part breakdown of the Boston Celtics roster. This team is extremely deep and will be hard for some players to get minutes.

In part 1, I will talk about the last 5 guys and the 2 way players looking to crack the rotation.

SEMI OJELEYE – Defensively he played a big role in the conference finals last year. In the preseason he showed his offensive game has a lot to improve on. He should see some minutes here and there, and defensively is where he will see most of his minutes, along with blow outs.

Semi is in a tough spot. Not enough minutes, but I am sure he will be suited most games and not go to Maine.

YABU - Again, there just isn’t going to be enough minutes to go around. I doubt he sees many meaningful minutes unless injuries happen. I think he may go back and forth from Maine to Boston.

JABARI BIRD – We all know how his offseason went. I don’t expect him to play at all this year. It’s really too bad cause he was poised for more minutes after showing what he could do in summer league.  This will open the door for either Wanamaker or Lemon Jr. to possibly crack the rotation.  Good luck to Bird in dealing with things that are more important than basketball.

Brad Wanamaker – He wasn’t that impressive in summer league to me.  Minutes are at a premium, and I think where you might see him is garbage time, or possibly when we need some quick scoring off the bench.

MARCUS GEORGES-HUNT – I believe Marcus will be cut.   Just not enough roster space.

ROBERT WILLIAMS – He slipped in the draft because of his work ethic.  He missed practice, lost his keys…. The kid is young and needs some guidance.  I think he was drafted in the perfect situation to keep that motivation.  He is viewed as a long-term project, and is expected to be in Maine most of the season. He has the skills to be a great player in this league, but does he have the heart? We will see…

?Our 2 ways players?

PJ DOZIER – He showed us some energy and defense in the preseason, but this team is stacked.  He will and should play most of his minutes in Maine.

WALT LEMON JR – For me he was the most impressive player in the preseason.  I believe he may have jumped Wanamaker in the rotation. I expect to see him get some minutes to see what he can do.  This is a very deep rotation, so he will go back and forth between Maine and Boston.  I like this signing a lot.

Coming up tomorrow will be part 2 where I break down the bench unit..  Thanks for reading!


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Author: Jessica Snee