Boston: Red Sox Continue to add Third Starters to Rotation with Lucas Giolito Signing 

In a move trying to bring the Red Sox back to respectability, Craig Breslow has apparently signed Lucas Galito? Yep, Lucas Giolito. That should keep the people of New England happy.  Can you feel the sarcasm in that sentence? 

Giolito split time between three teams in 2023. He started the Season with the White Sox where he went 6-6 with a 3.79 ERA, making himself a hot trade candidate to bolster the end of a rotation. The Angels took the bait and sent two prospects: Ky Bush and Edgar Quero to Chitown for his services. After posting a 1-5 record with an ERA hovering around the height of an NBA power forward – 6.8. Shockingly, the Angels waived him on August 29th. The Guardians, who were looking to catch lightning, picked him up and he rewarded them by going 1-4 with an ERA of Kareem Abdul-Jabar – like 7.4.  Not the way you want to go into free agency right ? WRONG

Lucas Giolito, the only pitcher in Modern Baseball History to give up eight runs in a game for three different teams (one of those starts was in Fenway, when he gave up those 8 runs in an inning of work) in the same season was handed a contract yesterday for two years and 38 million dollars. Of course this contract is loaded with options both for the player and team. 

The contract will pay Giolito $18 million in 2024, plus a $1 million buyout if he uses the opt out, per ESPN. The 2025 salary is $19 million. If Giolito throws fewer than 140 innings in 2025, there’s a $14 million club option for 2026. If he reaches 140 innings that season, there’s a $19 million mutual option for 2026 with a $1.5 million buyout.

Gilotio made 33 starts last year , with a combined ERA of 4.88, showing Breslow he can depend on him to suck for a lot of innings in 2024. The Masses on social media have been clambering for the Sox to do something. Well this was something all right. Maybe the smartest man in baseball and former Red Sox hurler Breslow saw something he can fix in Giolito. But right now all I see is money unwell spent. And a Rotation still in desperate need of an Ace.

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Author: Thomas Murphy