Boston Red Sox Still Doing it Wrong

Ohtani – Aaron Nola, on and on, even old friend Eduardo Rodriguez are gone. Yet the Sox still sit on their hands and hope Yoshinobu Yamamoto sees the light and comes to Fenway. By light I mean … Well, I’m not sure what I mean. And I’m not sure what the Red Sox brass are thinking besides money as the deciding factor in his decision to come here. 

As we all remember from the nightmare of 2023 the Sox finished dead last 78-84 in the AL east. Their current roster is worse than it was at the end of that season. Adam Duval and Justin Turner are on the market and flirting with heavy hitters. There isn’t a second basemen on the roster who is an everyday player, never mind a stud, Trevor Story is a question mark in my mind until he tops 140 games again. The outfield answer to this point is Tyler O’Neil ? Why on earth would Yamamoto sign up for this ?

The Sox should be tossing money at Cody Bellinger, they should be backing up the brinks truck to lure arms like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery here to Boston. If for no other reason than to show Yamamoto you are serious. I’m not saying sell the farm, buy yes sell the farm to help the big league club for 2024 and beyond, call the Rangers about SS/2b Ezequel Duran. What would it take to pry Corbin Burns away from the Brewers ? Jorge Polonko’ glove would look great at second base here. 

When you get down to brass tacks no matter how much of a capitalist you are. You want to work someplace you like, in sports you like places where it’s not all on you, you like playing where you have a chance to win. The sox have not put that team out there for 3 years now. Do your homework before you take the test Breslow. “The smartest man in baseball” should know this

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Author: Thomas Murphy

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  1. We should all be acclimated to the fact that owner John Henry has pretty much lost interest in the Red Sox by his non-actions over the past five seasons. Right now we are even worse off than we were at the end of the 2023 season and so far we haven’t done a damn thing to improve ourselves. Are you kidding me that Cora and Breslow are going to go with Valdez at second base and not try to improve our defense up the middle? Seems that way and puts two defensive sieves in the infield, Valdez and Devers. We might get away with Raffy because he has power to over come his fielding miseries but Valdez is worthless. It looks to me that Henry is more determined to hold onto his money than try and make our team a contender again. Six last place finishes in the past 12 seasons in nothing but complete and total failure. failure.

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