Boston Sports Blitz #69: What happened in Miami? Bruins hanging in there.

Boston Bruins discussion with Papa Bruin from Big Bad Bruins Nation

In this week’s episode of the Boston Sports Blitz, Steven and Chris recap the debacle Miami including the uncharacteristic mistakes we never see from the patriots ( missed fg, extra point, Brady at the end of the first half, etc.).  We also have an in depth Bruins conversation with Papa Bruin from Big Bad Bruins Nation.  If you don’t follow him Facebook, he is definitely worth a follow. Find him on Facebook at Big Bad Bruins Nation.   Here is a brief recap of what is talked about on the episode: 

What happened to the Patriots defense in one week’s time?

How come the offense only scored 6 points after putting up 27 in the first half?

Some of it was Miami’s defense, but the patriots should have been able to score a lot more. 

What Bruins player has been a pleasant surprise so far? Chris Wagner has been a nice surprise according to Papa Bruin

Can the Bruins continue to win with so many injuries?

They can hang the 6th-8th seed until Bergy and company come back

Should the Bruins make a trade soon?  Papa Bruin says yes, but doesn’t make sense to deal to get a scorer.  

Good idea to bring Phil Kessel back to Boston? Listen to the entire episode to hear the answer to this question, and much more.  Check it out!!

Here about this and much more in this week’s episode right here!

Author: Steven Thompson

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