Boston Sports Blitz – John Henry’s missteps

mookie betts traded

In this week’s episode of the Boston Sports Blitz, Chris and Steven and joined by one of our favorite guests Thomas Murphy from One Patriots Place. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Why wouldn’t they pay Mookie Betts?
  • Mookie trade breakdown
  • Who are the 4th and 5th starters
  • Will other upcoming free agents sour on staying because of what happened to Mookie?
  • Will Brady resign prior to free agency?
  • Does Brady want to be paid top dollar, or prefer the team brings in help for the offense?
  • Which of the #patriots free agents are leaving?
  • Bruins week in review plus potential trade targets
  • Tatum and Brown becoming the leaders of the team
  • Celtics week in review
  • much more

How do you feel about the Red Sox trading Mookie Betts?

Author: Steven Thompson