Boston Bruins: Anders Bjork is back

bjork gets called up

The Bruins announced this morning that David Krejci would be going on the IR  and that Anders Bjork has been called up on an emergency basis. The Bruins calling up Bjork is one move the fans have been clamoring for. The left winger has all the potential in the world, but has been unlucky with injury, a trend Bruins fans hope ends here. The Bruins have stated they want to keep him at his natural position at left wing, so just prepare yourself in advance he won’t be in the top six as of this moment.

The Bruins have an opportunity to see if Bjork can extend his hot streak he is enjoying down in Providence with the big club. What Anders needs to do is make it hard for them to send him back down. The Bruins lack of secondary scoring at the moment, despite it breaking through Saturday night, could use a shot in the arm. Lets hope Anders provides that.

There are still some questions in the health department as Kuhlman was seen today on crutches. The Bruins have stated that he will need x-rays done, but at this time nothing has been released on that. There was some good news today down at the Warrior as Joakim Nordstrom, and Par Lindholm were back sporting their white jerseys instead of the non-contact red. The Bruins need to ride the ship until healthy bodies return.

What will be of interest is if Bjork really takes off here. What does Bruce do with this lineup? With the focus on him staying at left wing, I could see a line of Bjork-Coyle-Heinen as the third line for the Bruins. That line in my opinion has some serious potential to it. The question then becomes: what about the second line? There are a lot of names being thrown out there at the moment, but I don’t have a definitive answer there. Would you break up that top line and drop Pasta there? I wouldn’t personally, but it has been suggested amongst fans.

The good news here is Bruce doesn’t listen to us, thankfully, in that department. I just give my opinions on them, but I am far from a know-it-all. Not even close, in fact. We haven’t seen what this team is truly capable of yet in part because of mounting injuries, so lets see what they have in store for us when we get bodies back. The Bruins could really use Krejci back in this lineup, as we have to move parts around for it to fit.

There is this narrative that he is soft, unreliable, insert any adjective you like here, but people really miss him when he is out. I know, call me a Krejci honk. It’s ok and also true by the way, as I am a big fan of #46. This just goes to show you how valuable a player like Charlie Coyle is, as I wrote about him in my previous article. What I tell people pretty much until I’m blue in the faceis that “There is more to hockey then scoring sheets.” The Bruins have three players immediately who jump out in this department: Coyle, Heinen, and Nordstrom. They won’t blow you away with stats, but all are very sound players for this team.

With all of that being said congrats Tuukka Rask on 500 games played in the NHL As you know, Tuukka is a polarizing figure to Bruins fandom,but such is life in the sports world. The Bruins look to bounce back after an OT loss in Toronto Saturday night. What better way then getting a win against, the team who drafted you in your 500th. We will all be watching and as always Go Bruins!

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Author: Chris Blackey

Co-host of Boston Sports Blitz. I've been a Boston sports fan from as long as I can remember.