Bruins throw the kitchen sink at the Leafs, lose 4-3 in OT

The Boston and Toronto rivalry has become something that you always get amped up for. And Toronto has a couple of players we like to hate, namely Marner and Matthews. Tonight, they added to our collective rage at all things Leafs. The final score tonight from Toronto was Toronto 4, Bruins 3 in OT. While the Bruins were able to still get a point out of this, the loss to a team that the Bruins outplayed is maddening. If this doesn’t get your blood boiling, then I don’t know what else could.

Jumping around like it’s right before they were about to raise the Cup is laughable. The Leafs found a way to capitalize on some Bruins defensive lapses as well as baloney puck luck. Who said it better then this?

The Bruins 2nd period has been missing all season. This 2nd Period was different. The Bruins staged a relentless assault against the Leafs. If it wasn’t for Frederik Andersen channeling his inner Grant Fuhr, we would have seen a different outcome then what we got. The B’s had two power plays to start the 2nd period, outshot the Leafs 15-3, out hustled the Leafs, and plain just outplayed them. Frederic Andersen kept the door shut, sometimes not even knowing where the puck was located.

We saw some secondary scoring from Heinen and DeBrusk, thankfully.

Time will tell if we see DeBrusk and Heinen breaking out offensively. It’s been a rough 6 games for these two so far. The effort is there. Now if they can keep the gino’s coming, we B’s fans can sip our Dunk’s in peace. Go B’S!

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Author: Eric Blackey