Red Sox Bullpen: We Have A Problem

Achilles Heel 

I’m just going to go on a little rant here. There is no way this Red Sox team is winning the championship this year. You are probably scratching your head asking why.  The reason is the bullpen. Now I know you are going to jump on me, saying I don’t have faith in the team, but hear me out. Don’t get it wrong I am a diehard sox fan, and come October I will root for them like everyone else.


Who are you comfortable with?

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Lets’s get realistic for a moment, this bullpen has been complete trash. There is not one person coming out of that bullpen that I feel comfortable with.  Even Kimbrel has struggled a lot since May.  He doesn’t have the control and that’s scary. We gave up how many HR’s to the Marlins in the 2 game series? The Marlins are a team that never hits HR’s.  Come playoff time and the games are tight, you will need to rely on your pen. Some teams that the Red Sox might square off against (Oakland, Cubs, Arizona, Houston, and the Yankees) all have better bullpens that the sox. Do you really want to see Hembree, Kelly, or Barnes pitch in a close game?

Epic Fail At Deadline

Dave should have made a move for a top notch bullpen guy at the deadline period. We can still add some help before the waiver wire is over, and a name I have seen as a possibility is Romo. One guy isn’t going to fix this problem obviously, but it could sure help easy some concerns. It’s sad because we are first in all of major league baseball in a lot of categories, and have the most wins by 7.5 games. We are having an amazing season, with two top runners for MVP, Sale in it for CY Young, but this bullpen will not win anything for us this year. A division title and most wins in MLB during the regular season doesn’t cut it in Boston. I feel this will be another year of complete heartbreak. You heard it here first.

What do you think? Do you agree with me or not?

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Author: Jessica Snee