Celtics: Rumors and free agency

Celtics free agency
Celtics free agency
CHARLOTTE, UNITED STATES – DECEMBER 1: Kemba Walker (L) of Charlotte Hornets takes off with the ball while Welsey Matthews (R) of Dallas Mavericks falls during the NBA match between Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum arena in Charlotte, NC, USA on December 1, 2016. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Kemba Walker

Kemba, Kemba, Kemba.  Sources are saying its all but a foregone conclusion that he will be offered a 4 year 141 million dollar contact.  Kemba will be a great addition to this team for many reason. He’s a lot like Kyrie, but wants to be here.  Have you ever heard a player or coach complain about Kemba?  He plays hard on both ends of the floor, and while he isn’t great on defense, they can get other players to fill that void. What was all that talk about the Celtics couldn’t get big names here?  Few years ago Al, Gordon, and now possibly Kemba.

Another Rumor

Word is getting around that we want to be included in a 3 team deal with the 76ers and Rockets.  We are going after Capella in this deal. The reality of the situation is doing this deal will cost you Marcus Smart.   Would you give him up to get Capela here? This kid bleeds green, and doing it is going to cost you part of the heart and soul of this team. Who knows what happens rumors are swirling everywhere, but these are the two biggest at the moment.

We shall see what happens come 6pm sunday when free agency opens. I believe we will have a commitment from Kemba that night.

What else we do is any ones guess.

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Author: Jessica Snee