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Tidbits for Celtics

After blowing away Cleveland without arguably our top 7 players, the preseason is over. Rookies and guys trying to make the roster got a lot of minutes. Carson “Buckets” Edwards was on fire in the 3rd quarter. He drilled 8 3- pointers in 5 minutes. If you watched him during the NCAA tournament, you know this isn’t a surprise. He can go on runs easily. A lot of people are comparing him to Isaiah Thomas. Offensively? Maybe. But the difference is in the defense. A Carson Edwards and Marcus Smart back court defense is something I am excited to see.

Tremont Waters had a great game as well. He will spend most of his time in Maine with the Red Claws. He has good handling and penetrates the paint with no fear, all while also making the correct play. His defense is what caught my eye. He is relentless and pressures the offensive player, even though he is small. He will grow in Maine this year, but pay attention to this kid.

Cuts need to be made. Who is going to get that 15th spot? Personally, and this is only my opinion, I would like Javonte Green to make it. I’m not a fan of Max Strus. Green has outplayed him as far as I’m concerned. Another thing to take into consideration is there is a lot of league-wide interest in Javonte Green. Could we keep Green and maybe Max Strus makes it through waivers? If he did, he would be eligible to sign with the Maine Red Claws. Speaking of the Red Claws – the Celtics have bought them. Tacko Mania has already made an impact, as they will be televising half of Red Claws games this season.

Contract talks have begun between the Celtics and Jaylen Brown. Supposedly Jaylen turned down an offer of 4-years and $80 million. Danny Ainge has come out and said that is not accurate. According to Ainge, “It’s just not an accurate report, that’s all,” Ainge said. “We’ve given him numerous offers. We’ve been negotiating for a little while. So, that’s all.” They continue to have ongoing negotiations that appear to be going well.


A lot of people are saying he’s crazy for turning a deal like that down. I know I’m a huge Jaylen fan but I think if that was the offer, I understand him turning it down. My reasoning is this: Ben Simmons and Jamal Murray both just signed max deals of 5-years, $170 million. I’m not saying sign him to the max. I don’t believe he should get that. Is he worth almost half of what they are getting? I don’t think so at all. Another example is Terry Rozier. He is making $19.5 million for 3 years. So Jaylen is only worth half a million more than Rozier?!? Get out of here!

I believe he should get an offer of around $24 million per year. He also may just bet on himself and test free agency. Next years class of free agents are not great. Jaylen could very well be the best player in that class. Will someone offer him the max? I doubt Danny would match that unless he becomes an All-Star this year. They have until Monday to come to an extension, so we will see what transpires in the next few days.

We are only a few days away from the start of the season, a new team, and new hope. Let’s hope it’s a lot better season than last year. I hope you all are excited as I am for this year!

As always – Go Celtics!

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Author: Jessica Snee