Christian Vazquez “best season yet”?


I will come right out and say it.  Vazquez is having himself a career season. He  enters today sitting at 15 home runs, which in itself is huge. The reason I say that is because it is rare (but not unheard of) for a catcher to hit that many home runs in a season. My point is, Vazquez had just 10 career home runs coming into this season, and he has already hit 15 this season.  He only has a total of 25 for his entire career.  That in and of itself just proves my point that Christian Vazquez is undoubtedly having himself not only a magical and career season, but maybe, just maybe a stepping stone and a so called “bar” (that Christian) is setting hopefully in the right direction for all other catchers.

Now don’t get me wrong, hopefully he continues to hit the cover off the ball. But this goes to show you that you can’t just judge a book by its cover anymore.  Now I know there are some of you out there that are saying “wow, this usually never happens from a catcher” well folks in today’s game, the game has evolved and everyone and I do mean “EVERYONE” is producing offense.  Now this is definitely something for Dave Dombrowski to look at, and possibly after this season give Vazquez what is undoubtedly a well deserved raise. I say that because Vazquez is becoming in my opinion what is called a “hybrid” catcher, that is a phrase I thought that could best describe Vazquez himself.

What I mean by that is what Vazquez is doing is not only proving all those “doubters” wrong and proving that “catchers” can hit too, but also at the same time proving that more value has to be put on catchers when it comes to free agency. Not only that at the same time proving that everyone has to start putting more focus and at the same time paying more attention to today’s style of catching in more ways than one, not only just defense, but also offense at the same time.

Now when all GMs  are looking for a “so called bat” not just during the regular season but also during the offseason, now can look at catchers not just for their defense but also for their offense at the same time.

What we have here folks, is drum roll please…

The season Vazquez is having is a “Measuring Stick Year” for all other catchers to look at, and say to themselves, it is possible that “I also can have a year like Vazquez” and maybe just maybe start or continue to turn their careers around, or even at the same time, start their careers on the correct foot.

Now with 15 home runs for Vazquez he is currently on pace to possibly hit 25 maybe 30 home runs with 65 games left in the season, but let us not forget the fact the it’s not just home runs that produces offense, it’s also base hits which Vazquez is also doing.  His batting average is sitting at .293, bringing his career average up to .257 and an OPS of .844 bringing his career average to .681.  Now Vazquez also has a total of 42 RBIs  this season, bringing his total career RBIs to a total of 122 entering today.

All I’m trying to get to is that Vazquez is having quite a year, but in the end, and my final thought is that have all of us not been putting enough value into catchers, my answer to that is Yes.

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens the rest of the season.

Stay Tuned

Chad Riley–Out