Demetric Felton: A Perfect Patriot ?


You all know by now my love of two things while talking NFL draft , Capital and Versitialty . I rarely like to trade up in drafts more than a few spots and even more rarely like to trade up in early rounds ( 1-2-3 ) as the cost can be prohibitive. But every once and a while I see a player that is worth it. That player in this draft is Kyle Pitts. Oh wait, that’s a different story. This is the story of Demetric Felton RB/WR/PR/KR

Position: Running Back

School: UCLA

Current Year: Redshirt Senior

Height: 5’8 5/8″

Weight: 189 pounds

Wingspan: 74 1/8″

Arms: 31 3/8″

Hands: 9 3/8″ yes it’s a matching set 

The amount of letters that follow Mr Feltons name are usually reserved for a career student of the medical arts so i’ve decided if Bill listens to me and goes after the UCLA product i will call him the Doctor. If Bill doesn’t listen to me I will simply call him The Problem. 

We all know the issue that still haunts this patriots team is the weapons position and with the retirement of Julian Edleman now official i thought it prudent of me to point out one with the potential of mass destruction. Demetric Felton exploded into the consciousness of college football in 2019 amassing over 1000 all purpose yards more than 500 as a receiver, but utilizing all of those aforementioned letters that come behind his name. Equally comfortable catching passes out of the backfield as he is lined up in the slot. He will also keep defenses on their toes toting the rock as he showed in 2020 with 668 rushing yards. He has the patience of Le’Veon Bell in allowing his blockers to do their job and flowing to daylight between the tackles, and gets to the edge with purpose. the man has home run potential where ever he lines up on the field.

In short this is a man that Josh can use in a myriad of ways. Yes Even at 5’8’’ ( Don’t be shortist ) . What this man can do in space has me salivating, with quick breaks and separation he is YAC on Tap, With his small frame and instant shift from start to stop and back to start button looks like me hitting a turbo on Super Mario Kart. Demetric Felton is the dual threat on third down this team needs to address. And can fill the bill returning kicks and punts for years. You want weapons ? Here’s a Swiss army knife ladies and gents. Even if you have to trade back up into the second. Drafting Demetric Felton is what i call well spent Draft Capital 

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Author: Thomas Murphy