Steve And The Hood Podcast Episode 49 with Mike Petraglia- Boston Sports Talk

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Steve And The Hood Present Boston Sports Episode Recap

Welcome to episode 49 of the steve and the hood present boston sports podcast presented by Diehard Boston Sports Fans.  In this episode we talk with Mike Petraglia/CLNS media network about the current state of the Red Sox, and how Swihart will play with Christian on the DL.  We talk about David Price’s recent struggles, and if this is something to worry about or not.  We also debate if JD Martinez has exceeded expectations so far, our reaction to Tavares signing with Toronto, and if the Bruins should make a big trade this summer.  Enjoy the episode, and share with your friends!


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1:00 Chris and Steve talk about Marcus Smart’s contract situation, Robert Williams needing help adjusting to the NBA

32:00 Gronk contract status, Brady’s training video with his son

36:00 Mike Petraglia / CLNS Media talks to us about the Red Sox record ( legitimate or fools gold?)
How will team adjust to Christian Vazquez’s injury

46:00 David Price’s recent struggles

60:00 Chris and Steve debate if JD Martinez has exceeded expectations

68:00 Chris and Steve react to Tavarez signing with Toronto

70:00 Chris and Steve debate if Bruins should make a big trade to improve the team

78:00 Wrap Up

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Author: Steven Thompson