It’s Go Time For The Patriots Offense

Offense for Patriots
Dec 8, 2019; Foxborough, MA, USA; Head linesman WayneÊ Mackie (106) listens as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) points to a replay after New England Patriots wide receiver N’Keal Harry (15) was called out of bounds before scoring during the second half of their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Great Day To Win A Football Game!

What’s up fellow #patriots fans? It’s always great to be a pats fan, and now we are getting into crunch time for them. It’s been a while since an AFC east matchup in mid December actually mattered, but that is exactly what we have tomorrow. A patriots win will clinch the division, and get them one step closer to a first round bye. A loss this week and next week ( unlikely ) with the Bills winning out would give them the division.

Patriots Offense vs. Bills Defense

This matchup on paper definitely favors the Bills defense in many aspects, but not all of them. For one, the #bills don’t have a guy named Tom Brady, and one called Julian Edelman. Edelman has been banged up most of the season, but reports this week say he is healthier now, than he was this time last week. This year especially the offense needs Jules more than ever. Besides Jules, I like what I am seeing from N’keal Harry last week ( 40 snaps including a TD ), and McDaniels needs to continue to get the man involved more. To me, Harry will be option 1A by the time the postseason begins. Yeah I just said that, and you can disagree if you like. There is no denying the kid has skills, and it is up to McDaniels to use them accordingly. He is definitely not going to excel running a slant route, but back shoulder throws, end arounds, and go routes he can certainly handle. Let’s touch on the Bills defense for a minute. Certainly a top 5 defense in the NFL, and no I am not taking them lightly. The offense will more than likely struggle to score for a bit after the first drive, but lookout in the second half.

Patriots Defense Versus The Bills Offense

New England Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore (24) runs in a touchdown off an interception in the second half of an NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Frank Victores)

What is left to be said about the #patriots defense? They have been stout for most of the season, and I am not expecting anything different tomorrow. Josh Allen is a good young QB, but he makes mistakes when he is pressured. The patriots will pressure him tomorrow, and just need to limit his running ability. Gilmore is the best CB in the league, and I think they put him on WR John Brown. Brown is their best WR imo, and most certainly Allen’s go to guy when he needs a play made. They will miss Jonathan Jones in the slot ( out with a groin injury ), but they will fine this week imo. If they are able to shutdown the Bills run game early, that will spell trouble for the Bills. Belichick and company have always tried to make a team one dimensional, so lookout if they are able to shutdown the run game early tomorrow.


I actually see two X-Factors in this game. One being Tom Brady, and the other is Josh McDaniels. He is highly regarding in the NFL for his creative playcalling, but he hasn’t been great at it this season imo. A lot of people will blame the ” weapons ” , but it is the job of Josh to know the skillset of the players at his disposable, and put them in the best position to succeed. My podcast partner Chris Blackey ( @chris_blackey on twitter ) will attest to me yelling about Josh all season. I predict Josh will have a great gameplan tomorrow, and the players will execute it to a T. Tom Brady will have his best game in months utilizing the short passing game, and mixing in Burkhead, White, and Michel in the run game. The Bills defense is very good, so expect my plays with mis-direction as well. We will left wondering where this offense has been hiding all season.


I have been saying to anyone who I talk to that mid-December is when the offense will start to put it together. It is now December 20th, a huge divisional matchup, so it is go time offense. There have been positive signs by the offense here and there the past few weeks, and I predict they will put it all together tomorrow. While reading the last sentence, you are probably wondering what kind of drug I am currently doing. LOL.

Enjoy the game pats fans! Thanks for reading the article! How do you see the game playing out tomorrow? Blowout win for the pats? Close win by the pats? Bills winning? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Author: Steven Thompson