NFL Game Day: It’s not just a game. It’s an event.

It’s not just a game.  It’s an event.

Unlike baseball, football is played once a week.   With baseball, there are often 6 games a week to watch and 162 games in the long season.

With each football game holding such great value in the short 16-game regular season, nervous fans like me and many of you prepare all week for the game.

The Preparation

We plan where we will watch the game. Phone calls are made, people are invited, food and drink options are discussed.   Will we watch it with friends, family, at a sports bar, etc.?

Most of us like our rituals. Silly rules like “No talking during the game” or “Wear your lucky shirt” are brought up and enforced.   Statements like “I’m undefeated in this shirt” are spoken.    Favorite chairs, food and drinks are mentioned by us superstitious fans.   Many of us will even change from one Patriots shirt to another at halftime if the team is not doing well.  OK – that’s just me.

As we get closer to the day of the game, many of us feel we should learn about the opponent, so we watch various local football-related shows.   “Fans that are prepared for the game and know their opponents give their team a better chance to win” we surmise.

Game Day Arrives !

So here it is – game day.  It is finally here.  The food, drink and team garb are in place.  The driveway and street are packed full of the cars of friends and family who have come to share the day.

The big screen TV is ready and everyone has a good seat from which to view this much-anticipated sporting event.

Let’s just hope the cable doesn’t go out.


How do you get ready for each game ?

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Author: Jim Gilhooly

I grew up in Lawrence, MA as an avid Boston sports fan. Played a lot of sports and was MVP of my outdoor track team in my senior year of high school. As an adult I focus on the local teams, especially the Patriots.