Let the games begin


On the eve of Christmas, I mean the season opener for the Boston Celtics. I’m excited as a little kid before Christmas. Tough first week coming up. We start the season in Philadelphia against the 76ers and old buddy Al Horford. We also have Toronto on the schedule this week as well. They are reigning national champs but come in without their best player, Kawhi Leonard. They are still a really good team and can’t be taken lightly.

I’m going to give three bold predictions for the season. Remember, these are bold predictions. I want your feedback, thoughts, and your predictions as well. So here it goes.

Robert Williams
Will become a double double machine. He has the talent- it’s his motor that has been the question. With no losing his wallet and showing up to practice late this year, I’m expecting a big year for him. The starting center spot is up for grabs, he needs to ball out. The one thing that could keep this happening is his health. He’s dealt with a few different injuries since being drafted here.

Carson Edwards

Carson will not be a starter, at least not unless injuries happen in front of him. My prediction is he will win rookie of the year. This kid can shoot, but he also plays aggressive defense as well. He should get plenty of opportunities coming off the bench. I think him and Smart will play well together leading that second unit. I look at him as the second guy off the bench, behind Smart. He will get his buckets no doubt, very excited to see what he does this year. I obviously expect big things from him this year. I’m also not afraid to go out on a limb.

The four main guys:
Kemba, Hayward, Jayson, and Jaylen will all average over 15 points a game, ALL FOUR… You may look at this and say ‘oh, that’s not that bold’, but I believe it is. All four in the starting lineup-it’s hard for everyone to get their points. This is team ball. I just think we will see hard, smart, team basketball this year. If this prediction happens good things are going down for our beloved Celtics.

Tonight is opening night for the NBA, but the games that matter start tomorrow. Get a good nights sleep diehards. We will be cheering on our green team tomorrow night and stealing that win in Philly!
Let’s go Celtics
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Author: Jessica Snee