Monster Keys To Patriots Jets

It’s been a bit of time since the Patriots playoffs hinged on a week 17 win. Think about that statement. When we, well when most of us were kids that sentence was more than likely about hope. Hope in making the playoffs. If we can just win Sunday we are in. if you are as old as i am that might have been week seventeen – sixteen or even fourteen. Yes at one time there were no weeks off in the NFL. Even more mind boggling they once only played 14 games.

When i was a boy and the Patriots had a shot at making the playoffs in the final week of the season that season was a success. Here we are forty years removed from 14 game seasons and more than 25 since The NFL reintroduced the bye week. and we are again hoping. But that hope has changed. This season Patriots Nation is hoping the Pats EARN (there is no luck involved) a two seed or even a top seed in this years trip into the playoffs. As i said it has been a while since even that was part of the conversation. The Pats have a chance at an 11-5 record and the pitchfork and torch crowd are outside the Castle screaming for the Monsters head. Unreal. In fact it’s surreal. But enough of the old man yelling at the cloud. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory.

Four Yards and a cloud of Rubber Pellets.

The Pats are averaging 127 yards per game on the ground. That number has climbed over the past five games to 164 per. DAMN anyone else keep expecting to see Sam Cunningham in the box score? Bottom line is the Pats are dictating the game on the ground and should continue to do so against a team giving up more than 4 and a half yards a carry. This Jets D is exhausted they played close to 100 snaps last week. Find the old fracture on an X-Ray and hit them in that spot.   

Play Action

A lot has been made about the production of the Pats passing attack over the past 4 weeks. Play action has not been an issue. Set up the run with my first key then go to the air. Old Timey football.

Spread the Wealth

How often last year did you hear me complain about getting Amen-dola involved more in the offense. Why was he sitting on the sideline? Why was he always the last card tossed ? Well the reason for the lack of Danny week to week was health. No he wasn’t hurt but the team didn’t want to get him hurt either. I’m starting to get the feeling that’s the way it is with Hogan and Dorsett. The thinnest position on this team is ( well Linebacker ) but on this side of the ball it’s WR. time to break the glass get both these guys involved and ready for the playoffs.

Everybody Wants Some – I want some too

Yea i went Van Halen, sue me. I’m tired of talking about gap integrity, I’m tired of talking about filling holes and making plays. Stopping the run is about wanting to stop the run. It’s about selling out your body and mind to get there and rattle some teeth. That’s what i want from this front seven on Sunday.

Win the turnover battle

How do bad teams beat good ones ? RIGHT. Don’t let that happen

Clean up your Act

I hate the color yellow, HATE IT , i’ve seen far too much yellow the past 4 weeks. Clean it up stop making life harder on yourselves.

Own third down

Keep down and distance manageable and move the chains, The d needs to help themselves this week and get the JETS into a 3 and out rhythm

Don’t let Darnold Forget This Day.

Sam Darnold is making his first trip into Foxboro, Don’t make it a pleasant memory. In his first Nine games as a pro Darnold threw 14 Int’s. Since his return Darnold has thrown 6 touchdowns and just 1 INT. make no mistake he’s here for the long haul. Set a tone for the game and his career. Get in his face get him on the ground, make sure he never wants to get off that bus ever again.

Get up and Get Out

I would love to see Brady and co get up early and big in this game Then get the hell off the field. Gronk has played too many snaps Brady needs to not take a single extra hit, Every cut Edelman takes on that foot is one too many.  Get up fast and lets see the pretty people on the sideline by the end of the third quarter.

Thats it my rabid readers. Seventeen sets of keys have been cut and here we are looking at another playoff berth. A two seed is in hand and needs to be taken care of. A One seed is a long shot. But no matter what goes down Sunday at one. None of this was Luck.

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Author: Thomas Murphy