Monster Keys to Patriots Shooting down the Jets

A year or three from now you will look back at this season and laugh, yea that was a lie. There was absolutely nothing funny about 2020. The fact that this patriots team was the worst most of you have ever seen in a big picture sense is trivial. But on a smaller scale, The fact that during this hellscape of a year they couldn’t do more to at the very least give you something to look forward to nevermind get you into the playoffs is nauseating. The fact that even with all this the Pats are looking at a second four game losing streak is unforgivable. We all knew when TB 12 left for TB 656 there would be some kind of slippage, we all knew when eight players – four of them core Patriots – opted out there would be some kind of slippage. What we didn’t see was a schlitterbahn 6 -10 season stareng New Englanders in the face going into a matchup with the Just – Eat – The – Snacks crew. On the bright side we have not had to hear Manwich Mehta during these Holidays. Thank god for small favors Here are my Monster keys to win one for the Bruschi. Closest we have to the Gipper 

Let’s get right to it. The weeklies have been what has been killing this team all season so that’s where we will start. 

Limit the Laundry – no free yards or first downs please.

Win the turnover Battle – the Pats got lucky last week. Let’s not push that – shall we kids?

Own third down – three and outs – get this Bolts squad into second and third and long and get the D off the field. 

No Yac – I will not praise this team after a week or two of better tackling. If the Pats go in the defensive direction I think they should then eliminate the YAC.  Both catch and contact is as important a key as there is on this ring. 

Gap integrity 

I am truly tired of beating this dead horse. No one on this team is a rookie anymore. Pay attention in class, pay attention to the ass in front of you, if you recognize it – you’re in the wrong fucking gap. I’m tired of seeing this team get waxed on the ground. And it’s not a lack of talent – it’s not a lack of effort – it’s a lack of gray matter being used. 

Create Havoc 

When this team doesn’t get pressure on the opposing QB bad things happen and we learned last week this defensive backfield does not look the same when Gilmore is out. Get in darnolds face and force him into bad decisions. 

Win it in the Trenches 

Jets Interim DC Frank Bush has this Jets Defensive line working at a level they have not reached in maybe three seasons. All you have to do is look at what they were able to do in shutting down the Browns a week ago. The Patriots Line needs to explode off the block and get the Jets front on their heels. Don’t miss Bryce Hager when you get to the second level. 

Sony Stock Rising 

The one joy over the past two weeks is seeing a finally healthy Sony Michel on the field, watching this man run has been more fun than Felger and Maz being on vacation. Buy up all the Sony stock and wait for it to split. 

Take your shots

IF the running game gets going that opens up play action, hitting James White out of the backfield and i’d love to see Cam take 4 or more deep shots at this Jets secondary. If the Pats can keep drives going a deep shot downfield on first downs would not be frowned upon by this writer. 

Thats it my rabid readers, i know it’s hard to believe but this is the last set of keys i’ll be cutting this year, i want to thank you all for coming back week after week season after season for these. After Sunday ill be taking some time off before getting into my draft prep. As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

Author: Thomas Murphy