Monster Keys to Patriots Titans

Monster Keys to Patriots Titans

Sitting at my well worn keyboard – a bit greener – a bit larger – a bit more angry than usual. It’s wild card weekend. I was supposed to be off this weekend. Last weeks travesty has brought us here.The Patriots vaunted defense again had a poor showing but this time it wasn’t against the Ravens or the Chiefs hell it wasn’t even against a playoff team. No it was against the bottom feeding Dolphins. Payback for a beatdown that happened fifteen weeks earlier. You don’t show up a grown man like Brain Flores the way the Patriots did and expect him to lay down. I warned them – you heard me warn them. Well now here we are on a weekend where we and the Patriots should be resting up healing up but no we prepare for another battle, hoping it’s not their last – hoping to live to fight another day – hoping for one more Sunday. Here are My Monster Keys to Patriots Victory. 

Cut Off Derrick Henry’s Arms

His arms Murph ? you mean his legs ? I can hear you asking. No folks i haven’t lost it , it’s the arms of Mr Henry that do the most damage to opposing defenses..come Saturday night the Patriots are going to have to turn many keys to come out on top. The first is to take away Derricks Henry’s arms. This is how

Set the Edges and Force him to run up between the tackles. This is a pick your poison type of moment and the poison i want to chug is Henry up the gut. Set the edges early and don’t let Henry stiff-arm his way into the second and third levels. Henry has one of if not the best stiff arms i have ever seen. He uses his long wings to keep defenders from ever touching him. Get to him before he reaches the line of scrimmage – force him to stop and restart. Take away his momentum and you clip his wings. 

Don’t get caught watching the paint Dry ….. 

Almost every big chunk play that has happened this season has been directly due to someone being passed off in the secondary and no one being there to take the receiver, Keep your head in the game handel your responsibility.This is not the week to try and bait the QB into tossing an INT. let turnovers happen organically don’t look to make them happen. This has been an issue over the past three weeks.  

Don’t Bite on play action, 

The Titans  do not run to set up the pass they pass to set up the run getting light boxes is how and why Derrick Henry has had such an amazing year. He still runs well against a heavy box but not nearly as well.This Linebacking crew needs to stay at home and Safeties can’t get sucked up too soon. Or once again the middle of the field will wide open for Tannehill like it was for Fitzpatrick. 

Press Man coverage …. 

While Doubles are going to be needed this week Man up and get your hands on people early and often, Last week The Pats D was in soft man and soft zone all day and that’s a recipe for disaster. The unpredictable boogie-men have become predictable, Gilmores and Companies Tendencies are being Exploited,Don’t burn the same dinner twice. 

Keep the Titans out of the RED ZONE

 If you bend this Tennessee team will break you , Since Tannehill has taken over Tennessee has been dominant in the red zone. Overall, the Titans finished the regular season first in the NFL, converting touchdowns on a remarkable 75.6% of trips inside the 20 yard-line, there is no tighten u and make them settle. They don’t know how. 

Playoff football 

Own Third Down: Both sides please  ,

21 to drink: the Keg is on the end-zone run to it

No Free Yards: That’s penalties if this is your first time here.

No YAC: this will be the hardest key to turn against this crew 

If you can touch it you can catch it. NO DROPS in January 

Get off your heels

Allow the O-Line to get into a rhythm and drive off the ball … Get Burkhead and Sony involved early and pound that rock .Use every tool on the belt when it comes to this core of Running backs and Linebackers pretending to be running backs. Set up play action and move the chains. with Crossers and seam routs. YAC YAC YAC ATTACK

 . Special teams need to make a plays on Saturday Night ,needs to create a turnover, needs to be the first to that lose ball. Get Tom an extra possessions and Tom needs to convert it- convert them into points ….

Mix Up Tempo 

Four minute offense – two minute offence , No huddle – hurry up – cruise – repeat . keep the titans off balance and off kilter. 

Don’t use half your brain .. 

it’s Wildcard weekend ( excuse me while I throw up), everyone needs to bring their entire brain to this exam , I don’t want to hear about Freshman playing catch up anymore I don’t want to hear about mid year transfers not understanding that ten yards at their old school is the same as ten yards here. I don’t want to hear Sorry Dog My Bad.. You wanted to play varsity ball this is it. Go earn your letter. 

Thats it my rabid readers, if you notice most of my keys were cut and center on the Patriots Defense. Which has not played at all all time level over the past three weeks. I’m convinced Brady can get this crew 24 points to work with are they capable of living up to their boogie-men name and holding the Titans to fewer ? only they can answer that, and they have to if this team is going to be playing next week at Arrowhead. 

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Author: Thomas Murphy