Monster Keys to Patriots Titans

Let’s get something out there, I’m an Elvis guy – i’m R&B. I am a Memphis man through and through.From Beale Street to BBQ. I think it’s a tragedy that Memphis has to share a State with Nashville, keep your Pancake Pantry and your Grand Old Opry. Give me Graceland – BB Kings and Silky O’Sullivan’s. Hey Irish gotta Irish , Damn i need to road trip. Patriots Nation: Forget about the bye week the upcoming set of four games are a killer and the Pats need this win going into their break….Here are my monster Keys to Patriots Victory.

Own The Red – Zone

This is becoming a sore subject with me. Last year the Patriots were a top three team in Red zone scoring, this year they are barely top ten. Yes i realize the Titans are number one in the NFL in redzone D and i am asking a lot here, or am i ? I want to see more plays designed to get six when the Pats are inside the 10 , stop thinking get to the five get to the two or one. Start thinking get six sooner.

Make them Settle

I figure while we are here. ~Smerk~. Pats score Seven they score Three . Easy Peasy  Lemon Squeezey.

Set the Edge Show Some Integrity

The Titans are done screwing around with Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis has taken over as the every down back. The Pats have done well setting the edge over the past two games, this needs to continue. We all know what Dion can do if he gets into space,gap integrity has been amiss. Stay in your lane Fat people. Linebackers can’t bite. or Mr Lewis will cut back and make you pay.

Let’s Get Vertical

It’s time to unleash the Dogs of war. The Titans run a ton of cover one, cover three. How do we beat that ? Run Go Routs Run Verts. Let Patterson and Gordon drag the coverage deep  and let Brady pick apart underneath with Edelman and Hogan running outs and rub routes. This would also be great if the Patriots could pick up a blitz and  had a TE that was on the field. BUT…. you know …

Stop being STUPID.

I can put up with a lot but i don’t suffer fools. I can’t remember a Patriots team that has had this many flags tossed at them for moronic decisions, can you? Players lined up wrong – too many men on the field – False Starts and yada-yada-yada  you gave away the game, Meanwhile The Titans are the least penalized team in the NFL.

Get after it …

Pressure up the middle. Pressure off the edge, last week the Pats dialed it up. While you didn’t see it in sack totals it worked and worked well, the titans line is a wreck Go get some, let the big guyseat. Mariota has not had a lot of success throwing the ball outside the pocket this year. In fact he is the worst in the NFL.

Win the turnover Battle

Ah you thought i forgot didn’t you ?

That’s it my rabid readers, if you noticed i didn’t mention Sony or Gronk this week, even though they have both been on the practice field i think Belichick will sit them again. It’s the smart thing to do. From what i am hearing Patriots Nation is traveling to Nashville in droves to see this game, let hope it’s just a Sunday layover before they head down to Memphis for some real culture.


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Author: Thomas Murphy