Monster Keys to Patriots v Cowboys

For the past two days I’ve been battling a fever, I’ve fluxed between easy listening 100.5,classic rock 99.1 and gone up as far as 102.9 on your radio dial. I’ve wanted to blame this illness on the Flu shot i got a week or so ago but people tell me I can’t, that it’s impossible. And they were some pretty high powered people on my medical staff. So I kept contemplating, and i can only come up with one reason for feeling like crap…. 

I have Mad Cowboys Disease 

Thats it it has to be, Jerry Jones has sent his operatives north to infect me with this ailment in an attempt to keep me from bringing Bill and you all my Monster Keys to victory. Well fuck that , ill be damned if let that puny human keep me from my rabid readers, so i tossed out the Nyquil and went back to bed, i awoke from a feveor induced dream to bring you these keys, cut not with a grinding wheel but with a plasma torch. 

Push Me Shove You , Oh yeah says who ?

Me That’s who: the Dallas D lives and dies off this pass rush , particularly the edge guys, Demarcus Lawrence and Tyron Crawford have feasted in the oppositions backfield all season bringing their own brand of nightmare to opposing quarterbacks. What the Patriots need to do Sunday is push them out and shove the Dallas edge rushes back behind Tom Brady and allow him to step up into the pocket and dissect Dallas at the second and third levels…. No Pressure 

Stop settling …

Hate to beat a dead horse but can you PLEASE turn three’s into sevens ? PLEASE , This red-zone issue is starting to piss me off.. I want Brandon Bolden in every package run inside the ten. It;s Hulk Smash time. 

Control Tempo 

Now you all know I am fully on-board with the Patriots running no huddle. it’s worked remarkably  well in the past few weeks, but when i’m talking about up tempo and control tempo in discussing two different cut sides of the same key, Going no huddle this week is not about quick strike points, the point this week is to keep Dallas’ number one rated offense off the field and not gashing this run defense. Keep your D rested and theirs blown out and begging for oxygen when they do get off the field. 

Dig that Hole DEEP

And watch dallas try to climb out of it , in each of the Cowboys four loses their opponents got up early and often big, this put more pressure on Prescott to throw them back into the game. Dak has tossed NINE interceptions already this year, I know I’ve heard all the same MVP and Huge contract extension talk you have, spare me. Stuff the Run force it onto Prescott’s arm and inability to decipher what’s in front of him and get the turnover machine going.Make them play from behind the chains and behind on the scoreboard.

Finally the Every Weeks 

Limit the laundry … don’t lose this one because you were stupid

Force them to settle …. Think the Pats have had issues ? The boys have one of the worst kicking games in the league 16 of 22 FG have gone thru the uprights 

Win the turnover battle ……  And convert… Turn every opportunity into points

Own third Down …… Convert Convert Convert , So important this week to keep moving the chains and get them off the field. 

Notice until this point I didn’t mention Isaiah Wynn , while i know he will help he won’t fix everything on this line, cut the kid some slack over the next two weeks. 

Thats it my rabid readers, the Cowboys have blown hot and cold all season, losing games they should have won handily and winning a game or two they probably should have lost, it’s foxboro it’s going to be cold wet and i don’t care what Greg Jennings says intimidating, the house as always will be packed Bill has my keys and a few thoughts of his own , I fully expect the Patriots to come out on top here. 

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Author: Thomas Murphy