Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Broncos 

Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Broncos 

Limping to the finish line is an understatement when discussing this Patriots season. Hamstrung from the get go by a myriad of injuries and quite frankly, poor planning, has left this teams offense stuck in neutral while it’s defense has been pulling the sleigh.  This week, with the Broncos coming off an embarrassing loss to the Lions, the offense is going to have to show up and guide the way through this blizzard as we all want a Merry Christmas. Here are My Monster Keys to Patriots victory:

Lets Get Grinchy 

Protecting… wow I almost typed Mac…  Protecting Zappe is the first key that needs to be cut and turned this week. A fumble, an INT and four sacks last week. All brought about by pressure from a very good defensive line and some intricate stunts and blitz’s.  You want points?  Keep your QB in the spirit of Christmas and watch his heart grow three sizes on sunday. 

Christmas is for the Kids

Boutte – Douglass – Thornton. These kids need reps. The Pats need to get guys who can turn eight into eighteen. Speed Kills. These three have the speed factor this team desperately needs to unleash. Bad drops be damned… bad routes be damned.  Show them you trust them, don’t yank anyone after a mistake, let the kids unwrap the presents. 

The weeklies 

Win the turnover battle – This team needs it this week – they need short fields

Limit the Laundry – I’m looking at you Special Teams 

Own Third Down – the Pats are converting on just 25.6% over the last three games – this can not continue. 

Own the Red Zone – do not settle this week. 

Flip the Field –  ST has to pin them deep in their own territory – maybe if we get fully inflated kicking balls? 

Secret Key – revealed On Locked On Patriots today

Heat Miser and Freeze Miser 

The Patriots need to turn up the heat on Russell Wilson and get home. I’m convinced this front seven can get there turn up the pressure on “Danger” with the blitz and still shut down the Denver rushing attack. Wilson holds onto the ball for far too long trying to make highlight plays – make him pay for it… Freeze out Wilson’s quick tosses.  Flood the field (with what’s left) of the defensive backs. Make Wilson think about where he can go with the ball, make him read through his progressions and help the pass rushers.  Undercut his receivers for breakups and a pic or two. 

For all the local Bumble Snowmen BS in the media around here trying to push Bill Belichick onto an ice flow and send him off to the island of misfit coaches, the national narrative is this. “it’s still a Belichick coached team and you better be ready.”  All they need to do is execute and ignore the Burgermister’s in print and on screen. 

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Author: Thomas Murphy