Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Chiefs

Okay let’s get into it , I’m so sick of the Chiefs I can’t begin to tell you – from Patty Mahomes and his obnoxious band of reprobates AKA his family, to Mr.Taylor Swift and his lovelife being thrown in my face like a stale cream pie you forgot about two days after Thanksgiving. I long for the days when I could just complain about the toothless meth heads from across the midwest that migrate to this section of the county for some reason. I mean I’m done. So here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory and hand Patty Mahomes his third stright loss, ~ great googly moogly ~ 

The weeklies 

Yes the first key on this ring is the weeklies

Win the turnover battle – No draws. The Pats need to be 2 up on the plus side. Do not give Patty extra possessions.

Limit the Laundry – stay in front of the chains.  No free first downs, no pre-snap flags.

Own Third Down – in fact lets not even get there, move the chains early. Keep Patty playing behind the chains. 

Own the Red Zone – do not settle this week. Heavy dose of Zeke inside the twenty.

Flip the Field –  ST has to pin them deep in their own territory 

Time to go Olivia Newton John 

Let’s Get Physical 

My old man always told me (and yes, he said it first), punch a bully in the nose and they will back down in a second. That’s what this Patriots defense has to do. Man up and punch the chiefs right in the nose. Push Skyy, Moore, Kadarius, Toney and company to the outside.  Do not let them work the middle of the field, cover two man, and my old fave, Quarters is the Mix. 

Slow Down Mr. Swift 

The First bully to drop is Travis Kelce. Now if you are new here, you know in the past Travis was the last thing I ever worried about when it came to beating this team.  Not anymore.  Hit him at the line, get him off his game and out of rhythm, do not lose him, do not pass him off to anyone else. 80% of the damage Kelce causes is when he’s standing alone. Unreal. 

Force Patty’s Hand 

Get into Mahomes face from the get go. I want him feeling the pressure in his locker room. Mix up stunts and get home with the front. Contain him in the pocket and force him to throw the ball outside the numbers. Don’t forget Pacheco. 

Motion – Bunch and Hot Reads 

Zappe is going to have his hands full this week , Steve Spagnuolo sits at the top of the food chain as defensive coordinators. Use bunches and motion to confuse his defense and Zappe needs to read the hot DB because Spags is sending them and then fill that hole on the backside with the ball. This is going to be old school Patriots slot receiver is the number one receiver kind of a day. 

thats it my rabid readers , i’m telling you its good to be home , thanks’ Thompson and Blackey for leaving the light on. as always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

Author: Thomas Murphy