Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Jets

Time to ignore the noise. You all know the noise I’m talking about. You’ve been bombarded by it for the last three days. Columns from the Athletic to the Herald. SI to PFF. the knives are out, the fingers are being pointed and the term unnamed sources are being tossed around like nuclear launch codes. The only person not saying that someone said something about someone is. well me. And the only person not pointing a finger or dagger at anyone is the other person with one thing on their mind. Bill Belichick. The Man who always holds himself accountable and always gives the credit to the players The only thing the two of us are worried about a W on Sunday and running this winning streak against the J.E.T.S to sixteen straight. Here are my monster keys to Patriots victory over Gangrene 

Get it out quick 

Bailey Zappe is holding the ball far too long. Yea i know that was as hard to type as it was to read. Zappe is holding onto the ball for more than 3 seconds. That’s not a testament to a better job being done by the line, as attest to the 50% pressure rate from last week. Or Zappe’s ability to move in the pocket. But it’s not helping the offense’s cause. Get it out quick and into the handles of Reagor and Douglass. These two are the hot hands. 

Push Past the Pain 

The O-Line is going to need to be strong up the middle to set the tone with the run game. The tackles are going to need to push this Jets Ends back behind the pocket giving Zappe a clear clean pocket to operate in. if they give up the same rate as they did last week especially in the 4th quarter it could be a long day for Bailey. If they turn this key Zappe can work the middle of the field and vertical seams to avoid the Jets strength. Their corners. 

20 to get in 21 to Drink 

I want to see a ton of 20 and 21 personnel this week. I’m talking about a lot of 2 running back sets. This opens up a ton of options for Zappe to work off of in hitting screens and seams. It will also give Zappe better protection with Zeke, Kevin Harris or dare i say Pharaoh Brown back there to give him that half a tic longer or as an outlet after a chip. 

The weeklies 

Own Third Down – the Jets are an NFL Worst at converting on third down. Let’s turn this key shall we? 

Limit the Laundry – Again the Jets are 32nd in the league in penalties per game. 7.7 that’s stupid dirty football. The Pats have really cleaned this up as of late 5.3 flags per game on the season but only averaging 3 over the past three games and just 2 last week. 

Own the Red Zone – Get there and win. I want no three Sundays. In fact, go for 2 on every play. The Jets are the league worst at just 32%. Force them to settle

Win the Turnover Battle – Turn this key last week and you sweep the Bills. 

All three Phases – let’s put one together this week people

Flip the field – Bury the jets deep and force Siemian to march the field.

Secret Key revealed on Saturdays Locked On Patriots Show 

No Hall passes Keep Wilson on his side of the fence. 

Breece Hall and Garret Wilson are the Jets offense. Hall has been a monster catching passes out of the backfield over the past three weeks. I want him to have nightmares of Kye Dugger all off season. don’t lose sight of him. As for Wilson that was a nod to Tool Time. Good fences make for good neighbors. Bracket coverage on him all day. Keep Mr. Wilson on the opposite side of the fence and in his own yard, do not let him into yours or a quick six could sink the patriots ship.

that’s it my rabid readers , The last set of Keys to this abysmal season. is it the last i cut for The Hoodie ? god i hope Kraft doesn’t make that mistake. but no matter after Sunday ill be hitting the college game film and getting ready for the upcoming Draft. thanks for coming along for another great ride.

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Author: Thomas Murphy