Monster Keys To Patriots vs Chiefs

Let get something out of the way here, I dont hate KC, But i don’t like it either. It’s the Phallic capital of the united States, What do i mean by that ? Everyone in KC is a DICK , In all my travels i have never met a more pretentious yet scumbag community outside of London anywhere in the world.For Christ sake these Midwestern ass-hats call their Baseball team The Royals. Ever met someone from KC twice ? Probably not because they only hang out with their family, Why? No one else can stand them.  I cant even take their BBQ. Know what KC BBQ is ? It’s what kids dip their McNuggets in. Now that we have the Cow-town hater-aid drunk , lets get onto the issues at hand.


Searching for answers to unknown questions, that’s the issue when facing the Kansas City scheme. We have tape of this season and more tape of what Reid has done with his QB’s past and even more tape from around the league over the past 8 or so years of similar QB’s. But Patrick Mahomes adds a different level of  WTF to every snap. He’s that good. He’s that smart. It’s why i called him the best quarterback in the 17’ Draft. So how should Bill attack defend and take advantage of this kid ? Turn my Monster Keys to Patriots victory ….

Explode then Implode

The Front seven of the Patriots D has to win this game for the Patriots. Clayborn-Guy-Flowers and Brown need to explode at  the line of scrimmage removing any daylight Kareem Hunt may be looking for. Push the KC line into the backfield , take away the space needed behind the line and in front of Mahomes they need to run their concepts.. Doing this will allow Hightower-Roberts and Van Noy to be patent in their reads and not have to guess what  Mahomes is going to do with a heavy first step to him or the RB which is what this system is predicated on. . Set the edge and keep Mahomes in the pocket. Collapsed on him. Like an imploding sun


Disguise Coverage

Brian Flores will have his hands full this week. One thing he needs to do come Sunday is disguise his coverage’s well,The Pats DB’s will need to know where they have to be on every snap Sunday for this to work. I want to see a lot of pre-snap movement on the defensive side of the ball , don’t let Mahomes know what’s coming until it’s too late.

Mix and Match

One concept that could keep KC from moving the chains Sunday is splitting the field , go man on the RPO side of the field ( the side the RB is on ) and run zone on the opposite side.  Move a Safety down into man coverage on the slot freeing up the OLB to blitz Mahomes. For this to work the D-line needs to account for Hunt but should free up a rusher to get into the backfield. BOOM

Use the 12th Man….

No not the Fans. the sidelines. Push the Chiefs receivers outside the hash-marks and to the sideline. limit the window  Mahomes has to throw to the outside.

Flip the field …..

Easy Enough right ? Wrong  Not with a weapon like Tyreek Hill , did you know he’s a “return specialist ? he made the Pro bowl as a return specialist ”  Kick the ball where Hill cant get his hands on it . do not let Him burn you on a return.

Run Run and while we;re at it Run some more..

This will be a big Game for Sony and Sweet Feet. The Chiefs D is awful but especially awful in defending the run. Let this O-Line do what it does best blow up the front and get Mr Michel and Mr White to the second level where they can #DoDamage ( Go Sox ) ….

Win The turnover battle …

This week to be honest i’ll take a push. Don’t give this team extra possessions. PLEASE

A fine Gronking.

This is it people this is the week to get Gronk into the end-zone on multiple occasions, i want to see long sustained drives and multiple trips into the red-zone. Once tom gets to the Ten it’s time to find the Big man ……

That’s all she wrote people. This games importance was born out of a lackluster September. I for one do not want to head to KC in January. With a loss here that is most certainly the path the Patriots will need to take of they want a trip to Atlanta. Take each key i have here turn it quick and the Patriots come out on top.


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Author: Thomas Murphy