Monster Keys to Pats Bills

The last time you witnessed a Patriots team with a 5 in the L column you were lucky enough to be able to put down that newspaper and walk away, Just Walk away. It was 2008 and even then: None of us lived they way we do now on the Information-Super-Pike. 2008 was the end of Tom Brady’s first hall of fame career ( Screw You DJ ) he had tore his knee to shreds week one and Matt Cassel was under center for the remainder of the season. After losing to the Steeler 31-10 The Pats were 7-5, But won out finishing with 11 wins on the season and just missing the playoffs. Here we are again, two straight BAD loses and a 5 in the bad column. This time around you cant walk away from it, you get constant updates on your smart phone “ friends “ on twitter remind you constantly and the talking heads never stop chirping about it. That’s the world we live in. There is only one way to end this. WIN … Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory


Josh Allen was not on the field the first time the Bills and Pats ran into one another. Containing allen in the pocket is a must Sunday. At 6.7 yards per Allen leads the NFL for starting QB’s  in this area, in fact he averages more yards per on the ground than he does throwing the damn ball … add in his team leading six scores and you can see how important this fist key is.

A bit of integrity

Gap integrity , Last week the Pats were GASHED by steelers running backs. A lot of this can be attributed to the Pats selling out to shut down Brown and Juju Smith Schuster a plan that worked well. Except the Front-Seven left it’s integrity on the plane. That can not happen this weekend. Fill your holes, yes i’m talking to you Zeus.

White Out

Get into 21 and if possible 22 personnel and run that rock. I said two weeks ago right here in this column that when James White gets touches the chains move and the Patriots score. Get Mr White on the field and allow him to make plays. Get Sony into a rhythm early and set up play action.

Let’s skip fun with Flags

With all due respect to Dr. Sheldon Cooper let skip that show this week, Line up correctly wait for balls to be snapped, i realize im asking a ton here but .

Win The Turnover Battle …

Biggest Key on the ring.

Hey Remember Me

The News of Josh Gordon’s season ending came down yesterday morning ( Wish him nothing but the best ) but while he was on the field Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett became afterthoughts in Patriots Game Planning. It’s time to get these two back into the system – back inside the circle of trust.

Thats it my rabid readers , it;s been a rough two weeks and don’t think for a second it’s going to get easier on Sunday. Don;t look at this Bills 5-9 record and think cake walk. The Bills always bring it. the final score is never indicative of this rivalry , and three of their wins came against Tennessee – Jacksonville and Detroit. Any given Sunday people, Any given Sunday

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Author: Thomas Murphy