Monster Keys to Pats Browns

Monster Keys to Patriots vs Browns 

You don’t play games on Paper, Putting together a fantasy team never works on the field.

 I hate quoting myself , no i wasn’t the originator of the former or later statements  but i was the person who pointed this out while large portions of Ohio and the NFL talking head collective gushed over what was being done in Cleveland over the past 8 months. You see football teams are built not created. Building a football team is done in a dirty nasty hot rod shop, not created in a clean dust free lab,the people of Cleveland are learning you have to get your hands dirty to build That 67 Mustang GT 500 you’ve always dreamt about. Ownership in Cleveland  didn’t want to do that, they wanted the shiny new toy with no assembly required and zero emissions. Bill got his hands dirty and has taken his car to the show NINE TIMES . Browns GM John Dorsey called up Elon Musk, and now the Tesla he ordered is sitting on the side of the road on fire. Here are My Monster Keys to Patriots Victory 

For  a team that went out and spent hard on the pass snatchers this teams number one weapon is the ground gainer Nick Chub . This is a man who has no issue toting the rock 25 or more times a game for 3 yards per or, and as evidence shows from their match-up against the Seahawks ripping off game changing fifty plus chunks of real estate. Load up the Box and don’t let this man get to the second level. Make him wish he;d sold his ticket to this game.

Give me the Match-up I’ve wanted all season 
Okay so sue me this isn’t a key to victory but you can’t call yourself a football fan if you don’t want to see Gilmore match up man to man with OBJ. I want it – I need it , i know Gilly can shut him down, Honestly are you worried about Landy ? No  

The Every Weeks

Limit the laundry …Better last week but still room to improve

Force them to settle …. The Browns are awful in the Red Zone 

Win the turnover battle ……  Still self explanatory

Own third Down …… there was real improvement here bravo i guess 

Pin The Browns Ears Back 
Patriots Special teams this season has been the forgotten stepchild in this family photo. What they have managed to do is nothing short of remarkable, brutally forcing the hand of their opponents. Keep it up and make the Browns drive drive drive …. 

Blindside Baker 
No one in the NFL has tossed more INT’s than Baker Mayfield (11) he also has lost (3) fumbles on the season, keep the amoeba front going , keep him confused and lost out there and wait for the extra possessions. 

Josh Don’t Sell your Sony Stock
Two weeks ago vs the Giants he got the yards but didn’t get into the end-zone, last week he got into the end-zone but didn’t get the yards, this week it all comes together. Yes i know everyone was happy to see Harris get a few garbage time touches last week but give Sony 20 Sunday and watch him beat the Browns into submission. 

YAC it up 
Finally  get TB into play action situations and allow him to pick apart the soft underbelly of this team , the secondary. Yes i know the numbers they are giving up on the ground but i’m not at all impressed with this teams second and third level. Edelman Myers and Dorsett should all feel some real love late Sunday afternoon. 

Thats it my friends, another full key-ring for Josh, Bill and Tom to use as they see fit . I can’t stand the fact we have to wait until after four for this to get going, i’m sure the browns do too. But at least they will be able to sleep on their ride back to Ohio. 

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Author: Thomas Murphy