Monster Keys to Pats Jets


If you are new here I will take this opportunity to apologise for what may be a profanity laden column. But ladies and gentlemen of the jury take into consideration my deep – deep – deep hatred of the New York Fucking Jets. For the young crowd in attendance today let me assure you, my malevolence is justified. Go ask your parents what it was like to live through the days of the “ New York Sack-Exchange “ or ask your grandparents what life was like in the days of Broadway Joe and the never ending incarnation of talentless pretty boys they have had under center since. Or ask your older brother or sister what it took to bring Bill Belichick here after the Jets forced their head coaching job on him like a medieval conscripted foot soldier… But mostly it was Namath – Kleko – Salaam – Lyons and that scab Gastineau. Wow only one F-Bomb? I did better than I thought I would, Here are my Monster Keys to amputating Gangrene.


Stack and…

While people are complaining about the bad game Gilmore had last week they are neglecting the FACT that this defense has given up yardage on the ground like they are facing the Oklahoma Land Rush. Trust me, I understand scheme, but just because you’re begging an opponent to run doesn’t mean you have allow them to do it. Stack the Box and put it in the hands of whoever’s under center Sunday.

…. Shred

Darnold has spent the majority of his rookie season running for his life or on his backside. McCown was sacked three times filling in for the Surf City Quarterback against the Bills. This is the week the Patriots move out of the cellar in the sack department. After you force it into the QB hands, force the issue. Get into the backfield and deliver the Flowers. ( See what I did there?)

Get to the Edge

After his second (or is it his third?) preseason, Sony Michel should be back up to speed, I thought using him in Tennessee was a stupid idea. Now he’s had two more weeks to get back into game shape hand him the ball and get him to the edge where the Jets have had issues all year.

Move the Chains

The Jets D is shockingly the best in the NFL in forcing three and outs. How you do this and continuously give up 25 or more points a game is beyond me but it has to be frustrating (well not to you but to Todd Bowles), Anyway, referring to my last key keeping it second and short third and short is paramount to ending the one star hanging on the Jets Fridge. Move the chains and find the rhythm.


Flip it

As I said, this D is the best at getting opposing QB’s off the field. What do you say the Special teams actually steps up and does it’s job this week. Bury them deep, hold your lanes and drag people to the turf.

No huddle ALL DAY.

Back to the rhythm. While the talking heads will dissect this as more trickery it’s anything but. The Patriots need to find the beat on offense Right now they look like a kid from west Texas doing a two step on the dance floor at Studio 54 ( 70’s reference go look it up kids). I want this Jets D exhausted. By halftime.

Don’t Play from Behind

This is a continuation of the last key except for one tooth it’s a perfect copy. In each of the Pats losses all on the road they have let the opponent dictate the game by getting out to early leads, get on top early and put your knee of the Jets neck .

Win the Turnover Battle

How do you keep a bad team in the game? By not turning this key. Nuff said. I think so. 


That’s it my rabid readers. The Jets have had two weeks to stew over a home loss to the Bills led by a QB who should be the golf pro at his local club. We have been over it time and again that teams in this league consider a match up with the Pats their super bowl, what we neglect to talk about is that coming away from these games with a W is also a key to coaches and coordinators keeping and getting JOBS, See Rex Ryan and John Harbaugh. Todd Bowles is fighting for his head coaching life. Don’t let this Sunday fall into his gotta keep me column. Don’t let it become the Thanksgiving story he bores his great grands with. YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR , Also FUCK THE JETS …. Okay two F bombs


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Author: Thomas Murphy