Monster Keys to Pats v Seahawks

Monster Keys to Patriots Seahawks 

Could there be anything more painful than a Sunday Night Game in Seattle? I mean sure, tooth extraction in the middle of a South American rainforest but other than that? Being subjected to an evening of Al Michaels and Collinsworth after waiting all damn day to watch the Pats is enough to drive any man to drink. Add in being forced to watch some guy toss fish to another guy every time there’s a break in the action and by halftime I’m wishing someone would stick that damn space needle into my eyes. With that here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory. 

Mute The fucking TV

Ok so this isn’t a key to victory sue me, it’s my ring and I can hang whatever I want on it. Mute that giant sucker and listen to Bob Socci and that Zo guy call the game on the radio. Thank me later ….  

Get fast and Physical 

“Dance with the one who brung you”, Cam Newton jumped in the driver’s seat last week and the Pats allowed him to do Cam Newton things , Get Big 21-22-23 and pound the football.  Now let’s get fast, I want to see no huddle out of the gate do not give the Seahawks time to rotate in fresh legs.  I want them walking on their elbows by halftime.

Digging the scene with the Gangster Seam

The beauty of what i said above is everything the Patriots can do out of these groupings. 

A lot has been made of the lack of weaponry here in Patriots Land.  HA! yeah, that’s right – Ha! Once the Seahawks D is blowing chunks all over themselves it’s time to unleash Edleman, Mr White and company. Do you know what I call Pete Carrol? Predictable Pete.  The man knows nothing but cover three.  In fact, I interviewed his mother back in 1999 and she said “cover three Ma, Cover three” was his first sentence.  It took her six weeks to figure out he wasn’t asking for more blankets, but lets digress, how do you burn cover three? 

Get the play action game going and then exploit the Seams and the Flat (see it wasn’t a typo you all thought i mean lean). Use Motion to sell the play action and run go routes on the outside and watch the middle of the field open up for the Backs-Slot and Tight Ends to do damage with digs – seam routes and crossers. 

The Weeklies 

Limit the Laundry – Last week the refs kept their whistles in their pockets.  Sunday Night means a National audience and no one Divas like an NFL Ref – Keep it clean people.

Win The Turnover Battle – Russel Wilson has thrown one interception in his life against the Pats (I’ll give you a moment to fondly remember it). Let’s take care of the ball this week, shall we. 

Don’t Settle – 4th and 5 from their forty?  Go for it.  Points are a necessity to winning people – get me Six’s.

Get After Wilson 

Pressure – Pressure – Pressure.  Did I mention Pressure?

The Seahawks line gave up three sacks and had two holding calls against them last week.  They have three new starters and a rookie in this meeting room – go after it.  Go after it on first down – Willson dropped back to throw on 21 of their first 35 plays and 7 times on first down in the first half last week alone. This does not mean lose pocket control.  Go Get some…..  Win-this-Bitch  

The tonight show with Chris Carson 

While much is being made of this WR group (rightfully so) Wilson used his RB twice to score last week vs the Falcons.  While Wilson is “cooking” he doesn’t mind adding a dash of Carson to complete the meal . Don’t fall asleep on Carson. 

Don’t give up the big Hitters 

On just 58 plays the Seahakws racked up 383 yards, but had just 21 first downs without the help of laundry, they were also just 3-9 on third down, that tells me they hit for some big chunkers along with converting short fields, and we know the Patriots past issues with this. 

That’s it my Rabid Readers, the Pats are 1-0 in 2020 and IF (see that big IF) Bill – Josh and most importantly Cam listen to me they could be 2-0 come Sunday at midnight. Don;t forget to tip your waiters and as always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter at @Tmurph207

Author: Thomas Murphy