Monster Keys to Pats vs Chiefs

Monster Keys to Pats Chiefs 

The Next great thing returns to Gillette this Sunday to once again try and knock the King off his mountain. The Nerve – The Gaul , Not Andy Reid or Patrick Mahomes but the talking heads who believe that once again this is the end of TB12 this is the End of the Patriots. And when it’s all said and done on Sunday when the Patriots once again vanquish the pretenders to Toms Throne, the heads will find some way to twist it into something it isn’t. Here are my Monster Keys to Pats victory 

Defense of a thousand Face

Mayo and Jr Belichick will have their hands full this week. One thing they need to do Sunday is disguise their coverage’s well,The Pats DB’s will need to know where they have to be on every snap Sunday for this to work. I want to see a lot of pre-snap movement on the defensive side of the ball , don’t let Mahomes know what’s coming until it’s too late.

Who doesn’t love a Split Personality 

KC that’s who : One concept that works well against KC is splitting the field , go man on the RPO side of the field ( the side the RB is on ) and run zone on the opposite side.  Move a Safety down into man coverage on the slot freeing up the OLB to blitz Mahomes. For this to work the D-line needs to account for whoever is in at RB but should free up a rusher to get into the backfield. 

Get Chippy 

I don’t want to see Travis get off the line ONCE w out getting chipped , get him off his mark keep him from hitting his spots ontime and remove him from the game plan ….

The Weeklys 

Limit the laundry … NO Yellow at all 

Force them to settle …. Force a FG or 7 shall we 

Win the turnover battle …… I think we all saw last week what extra possessions will do for your W-L record, Get TB extras 

Own third Down ……Remember how good things were when this happens ?

Run that Rock 

I want to see two RB sets all day long. Keep this vastly improved KC defense guessing – Rex and Sony – Rex and Mr White – Sony and Mr White and a dash of BB Hulk Smash ( Brandon Bolden) at the goalline. The Patriots need to keep their D fresh and off the field and exhaust the Chiefs defense.

See The field Hit the Open Man

Trust be damned , these are the giys you have to dance with Tom, i don’t want to see anyone on the field but on your bench, find the open man and hit them you grumy old fuck  

Thats it my rabid readers , we could talk more but talk is cheap, and so are my editors . 

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Author: Thomas Murphy