Monster Keys to Squish the Fish

Patriots Nation , Bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, for this week i am your beacon of liberty. the shining light that beckons you home to reality. The last two weeks at sea have been filled with whitecaps and torrents, I’m here, The Lighthouse to guide the ship safely back home to Foxboro. Smile my rabid readers because come Sunday TB12 is about to once again put to bed any talk of cliffs – infighting – off season trades – injury riddled depth charts and prove that Bigfoot Is Real … Here are My Monster Keys to Patriots Victory

Get Physical

Watching both sides of the Patriots trench warriors get pushed around the way they have been over the past 2 weeks is starting to get on my nerves. Winning the war in the trenches is where this turnaround has to begin, both sides of the line need get the other guy on his heels. The Patriots secondary needs to get up on the line and get that first punch, keep the Dolphins receivers off balance and out of sync. Linebackers: See That gap? Go fill it.

Hit the Afterburners

For what will not be the last time this season i will tell you i want to see no huddle , i want this offense to get into a grove quick and get out to a fast lead. Over the course of all three games this year a rhythm on the offensive side of the ball has been sorely lacking.


Does McDaniels have stock in Sony ?

Sony Michel has touched the ball close to 80% of the time he has been on the field …. Ummmmmmmmmm , enough said ? Josh ? are you hearing me ? I am not piling on here. Just would like to be a tad bit less predictable.  Tommy call a fucking audible. 

Win the turnover battle …. Sneak that in right here

Set up the Run with the Pass

Yes i understand this is asking a lot with this group of pass catchers skill set. There hasn’t been a ton of separation for by anyone wearing a number above 3. I need to see more bunch formations and pick plays. Allow the formation and motion to help the receivers create space. I also think the Pats are scared to put Hogan in the slot to often, he is always a hit away from weeks away.  


Stop loading up for the big punch.

The Pats are running the ball early and often and not well. This is forcing them to try to convert third and long too often and when they have tried to throw on first down it has been for large chunks of real estate, again forcing second and then third and long situations, take the three take the five move the chains.

Pressure up the middle

Laremy Tunsil and Ja’Wuan James are two of the better OT in this division The Guards and to a lesser extent the Center are the weak link to this Dolphins O-line , get pressure up the middle get into Tannehill’s face force him to throw over wide bodies and the picks will come.


Own third Down

Over the past two games Patriots are 6 for their last 21 on third down conversions. Some of this has to do with distance to down but some of it has to do with play calling. mix it up Josh this isn’t your first rodeo.

That’s it Pats fans the keys are cut, all Bill, Josh and Co. need to do is pick them up on their way out of the locker room. and they had better turn each and every one of them. I hate losing to fucking Miami 


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Author: Thomas Murphy