Monster Keys To The Pats v The Pack

Monster Keys to Pats v Packers

SUNDAY – SUNDAY – SUNDAY , since the NFL wants you to think this is the Monster Match up of QB’s I did that in my Monster Truck commercial voice, sorry but lack of sleep and a fever are making me a bit loopy. Between the World Series ( Suck it New York ) and the NFL love affair with making the Patriots play in prime time REM sleep has faded into distant memory territory,  SUNDAY will be the fifth and final time the Pats will play a prime-time match-up this regular season. THANK CHRIST.. And who do the Patriot get to face before saying goodbye to all this night time nonsense? The Packers and their false god Aaron Rodgers, Discount Double Choke – the pretender to Toms thrown. Before this turns into a three thousand word diatribe on that subject here are my monster Keys to Patriots Victory.

Blow it up

No not the team the line of scrimmage. Monday night the explosive element we have seen in the games the Patriots played their best football in wasn’t there. If Brady and who ever is lining up at RB this week are to have any success this coin needs to be flipped back to heads or Packers D-line led by Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark will make sure all involved will be on their tails.  

Five Wide

Most people would have you run all day on a Mike Pettine defense, In most cases i would agree. This is not the strategy for a ton of success vs a team set up to die a slow death by letting the opponent run it down their throat. But i don’t see that happening with this particular set of Pats running backs. Spread them out take advantage of their youth and inexperience, and sling it ….. Not in the direction of Jaire Alexander, AT ALL

Flip the field

Special teams needs to right their ship this week. Bury Rodgers deep and give the Defense time and opportunity to get Brady the ball back…

Win The Turnover Battle

Yea i know you’re tired of reading it. But Deal .More than any week this season it imperative to not give the opponent extra chances at points.

Own the Red Zone

Pathetic.The game plan and the execution on Monday Night was pathetic, three’s will not get it done Sunday vs this team and this Quarterback.

No Free Plays

Aaron Rodgers loves free plays. You jump and he knows that whistle is coming, It gives him a free pass to improvise and go for broke. Stay at home fat people don’t give him the opportunity to go deep downfield with no ramifications.

Contain and Control

A’m saying Rodgers is a bad pocket passer? No far from it. But giving him the opportunity to create outside the pocket is like ringing the dinner bell. No one throws more TD passes from outside the box than Rodgers.

Like White on Rice, Like Cold On Ice

Press Man is the way to go Sunday. Rodgers needs his receivers to be in an exact place and space to be successful, Jam at the line of scrimmage and mess up the timing of the packers receivers. When plays break down it’s important that the Pats DB’s don’t let go of their coverage. Scramble drills are anything but a crap shoot with this team. Every player running a pattern knows where they need to be when Rodgers is forced outside the pocket and it goes Chinese fire drill . That’s why they’re so successful.  


That it my rabid readers . i’d go on but i’m battling a 100 + degree fever and i just don’t feel like it. not that you all aren’t worth it.  


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Author: Thomas Murphy