My Monster Predictions for The 2018 NFL Season

My first column here for Diehard Boston Sports Fans i couldn’t just stroll in and give you folks a simple Patriots roster breakdown, I couldn’t mail in a hatchet job on Bills draft history, and i couldn’t pump the tires of patriots nation by crying poor poor Julian Edelman. Contrary to popular belief i cover the entire NFL. Also contrary to common misconception New Englanders follow the whole of the league. We in the north east are not the folks who don’t tune into every game the NFL offers up to us, be it Sunday at one-four or eight PM. The decline of MNF has had no effect on this region and yes we will gladly watch Tennessee vs Cleveland or whatever exhausted shit ass Thursday night game is on the menu that week. If you’ve read me for years you know my style is pull no punches and I hide behind no allegiance, If you’re new to the show? in keeping with the Diehard tradition .

“Welcome To The Party Pal”

With all that being said here are my Monster predictions to the 2018 NFL Season….

NFC North

Vikings, Packers, Lions , Bears

The Mack Trade does nothing to help the Bears out of the basement of the NFC Norris division, the Viking are the most talented team in the league, you can’t swing a dead badger without hitting a play-maker on the roster. The Pack has Rodgers and that’s more than enough with their front seven to get them into the playoffs. The Lions will be better but not better enough. The Bears are just shit and this trade will sell a ton of jerseys and haunt them,

NFC South


There is nothing to like about Tampa,nothing They are swashbucklers without a captain. Even their uniforms are tired, bring back the creamsicles. The Saints are now the class of this Div. Breese is going to look very Breezy this year with the talent he has around him. Last years draft class is set for a sophomore explosion and the D is legit. The Panthers are going to put a scare into a few people IF Fig Newton stays on the field and buys into Norv Turner act . The Falcons ? what can i say about the Falcons ? Oh yea 28-3 ….

NFC West


Arizona has a rookie coach at the helm and more questions than answers right now. This isnt Fantasy football people. This is the Rams Div to lose. Russell Wilson is the best QB under 41 in the NFL but he can’t do it alone and he is alone. Jimmy G is not ready for prime time YET. If the Rams can not believe their own press they could battle the Vikings for top seed in the NFC,

NFC East ,

Giants,Eagles,Cowboys, Redskins

Let’s get this out of the way, the Redskins are on the clock. Yes before week one they should put every dime they have into scouting the first pick in next years draft. Eli has his weapons back this year and Barkley will cover up a lot of Giants deficiencies (see what i did there?) on the defence side by keeping other teams off the field. I think the Eagles take a step back ( Not Sour Grapes ) just look at their out of Div schedule. and i’m not as in love with the O-Line of the Cowboys as i was in 2016. Elliot will keep them relevant but NO.10-6 could win this division.

AFC West


The Broncos can’t run block or pass protect. Yea. Suck it Elway.If the chargers don’t shoot themselves in the Foot they could end up going a long ass way this year. KC has play-makers and talent on the offensive side of the ball but their D is a mess. And Gruden has already Chuckyied this up in Oakland, can two teams lose the same trade? Oakland’s roster looks like a reboot for the movie Cocoon.

AFC North


Sound familiar ?


AFC South


This could be the most interesting shitty division in football. Or the surprise of the NFL. Last Tuesday Andrew Luck couldn’t throw a fit never mind a football , JJ Watt has played 8 games over the past two years and Last years Fantasy flavor of the Month Deshaun Watson is coming back from his first and we hope last knee surgery. The Jags will regress simply because the rest of the division is better. Some teams come back with a chip on their shoulder this team looks like it’s coming back with a diaper on their ass. I like the Texicans if i’m wrong about the Colts D the Jags may not make the playoffs.

AFC East


Remember when i said earlier the Redskins were on the clock ? Well i forgot about Buffalo. The Bills will battle Washington for that spot The Jets will mistakenly drop the second best QB in last years draft ( Sam Darnold ) “ into a meat grinder “ Schwarzenegger Voice …. And They will go 6-10 , Miami ? enjoy those game checks Amendola .   This is Tom Brady’s division and it will be until he chooses to hang it up. You could combine the Jets-Bills and Phins roster, take the top 55 ( yep we will give you extra ) and Bill and Tom would still go 12-4, 5-1 in the division.

Playoffs ? PLAYOFFS? Okay here’s my final four

Saints/Vikings and Chargers/Patriots

That’s it folks first column in the can, i want to thank you all for following me along on this journey of mine. Some of you have hung around for close to a decade now. I am thrilled to hang my hat here at Diehard Boston Sports Fans. I’ll be back every Friday with my Keys to Patriots victory and to chime in with a column here and there.

Yippie-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker!

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Author: Thomas Murphy