My 2019 Monster Patriots Draft ( Wish List )

My 2019 Monster Patriots Draft ( Wish List )

If you are new to my Patriots Draft Day extravaganza , welcome to the show. The old standbys know for sanity sake i’ve given up predicting what the hoodie will try to do every late April so instead of busting my ass for months over game film only to wander the empty halls of Danvers State Hospital , i’ve gone the route of my six year old self flipping through the SEARS christmas wish book, Seven hundred pages of toys. some of them full color masterpiece full-page ads designed to suck a child in and get his parents to spend the big bucks. taking up mad room under the tree. BUT also the hidden gems that make the holiday great. So needless to say i won’t be moving up down or around to get these payers into a Patriots uniform, that’s Bills Job. And I expect he will as always ignore me

RD 1 Pick 32

Dalton Risner OT Kansas State

This kid is the complete package , a mauling run blocker who gets to the second level with ease and laughs at bull rushers when in pass protection. his footwork leaves something to be desired but i have no doubt SCAR can fix this quickly eliminating the problems he may have with all out speed rushers. Did i mention he played every spot along the line for K-State ? Sorry if Your sexy isn’t My sexy, get your own wish list. the OT position needs to be addressed early . Risner is the right choice ….

RD 2 Pick 56

Debo Samuel WR S Carolina

WE ARE DEBO, The Chess game starts here. I want this ball player and would love him right here at 56 but Bill will probably have to move up to get him in the second round, Debo is a dynamic player who can line up anyplace on the field. Slot – Out Wide or In The backfield he;s a weapon to be paid attention too.  Did i mention he return kicks ? Think Brandon Cooks but running the correct routes,

RD 2 Pick 64

Jace Sternberger TE Texas A&M

I know i know he isn’t one of the sexy Three that you’ve all heard about all year. But Sternberger is the best fit for the Patriots that doesn’t involve moving up in RD one to bring home. Jace is a precise route runner with length 6’4 and size 251 to build on. Don’t expect Gronk he isn’t Gronk, no one is .

RD 3 Pick 73

Oshane Ximines Edge Old Dominion

Ximines ( Zim-ah-nes ) practice it people you’re going to be saying his name for a long time, at 6’3 250 he may be seen by many as an OLB but i know talent when i see it and it’s a steal here at 73. Oshane is relentless to the QB and the ball carrier. has some of the best handwork in this draft class. i know Bill will put him in the right situations to succeed

Rd 3 Pick 97

Khalen Saunders IDL Western Illinois

Saunders does things three hundred lb men should not be able to do . if he had a good first step he would be going in the first RD, Relax his second third and fourth steps are Ah-Mazing. He needs to develop his Technique but his raw power and athleticism is off the charts and i liked what i saw from him in the Senior bowl.

Rd 3 Pick 101

Renell Wren DL Arizona State

This kid is a Bull Rush nightmare for the opposition. Good not great handwork but fantastic use of his feet make up for any shortcomings in the former area, His power and first step is amazing his motor doesn’t quit and will fit into the rotation in New England right away,

Rd 4 Pick 134

Hunter Renfrow WR Clemson

If i can find a WR on day three with the hands of Hunter Renfrow im grabbing him. Renfrow is a smart ball player who overcomes his size with savy and serious YAC ability. The man dreamt of playing with tom Brady so lets make this happen shall we ?

Rd 6 Pick 205

Cameron Smith LB USC

I was a bit upset with myself for not taking a LB earlier in this draft but then a lightbulb went off in my head CAM SMITH , while he isn’t a sure bet MIKE LB he will be a starter at the next level . this kid is smart – shoots gaps well and is quick to read and react. I like his coverage skills more than some and love hi Thump.

RD 7 Pick 239

Jordan Miller CB Washington

6’1 deceptive speed and the length to cover taller WR in the League. Miller has some health issues but that’s why he’s still here at 239. Health aside this kid ha insane ball skill and great hands. Hey it’s pick 239 you shut off the TV a day ago.

Pick 241

Travon Wesco TE West Virginia

Slow, Heavy Feet , no YAC ability every catch he made in college came last year. Thats what they say about Wesco, I LOVE the kid , Listen Wesco is a OT in a TE body something this team just lost, you’ve got to Frankenstein this shit people.  

Rd 7 Pick 246

Alex Barnes RB Kansas State

Barnes is the Big Back the pats are lacking. a guy who can get you 3 yards when you need it and is an excellent blocker i love him at this spot.

Rd 7 Pick 252

You pick and get back to me

As always people this is a labor of love. Will i be right on ANY-Damn-Thing i wrote here ? probably not. but i try to fit the needs of the team with what i’m given, a lot of these picks won’t happen this year, there just isn’t 12 spots on this roster to be filled , but hey maybe the guy you chose at 252 will be the one we all missed

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