My Monster Keys to Patriots Lions

Don’t let the calm-cool demeanor of the next few sentences influence you as to my opinion on last Sunday’s effort by the Patriots. Don’t allow it to convolude the fact that almost to a man the New England Patriots owe you one. But let’s get one thing straight, Like Halloween candy displays. Michael Felger’s ticket selling for the Tobin leap is a bit early in the season. We do this every year people. Oh my God the Pats are 1-1 or 2-2 .WTF is going on here? They have no wideouts – the running game is shit – what the hell is wrong with the secondary ? This happens almost like clockwork. Now fast forward to week 14 . What are the Patriots thinking? why is Brady out there in the fourth quarter ? Jesus Christ get Gronk off the field before someone takes out a knee – do you know how many snaps so and so has taken? it’s the Bills and we have already clinched home field.  See where i’m going here ? you see. you’re all smart people. All Sound Familiar ?

Here are my Monster Keys to Patriot Victory

Bring The Noise

Maybe the Pats were scared of the heat or maybe i just didn’t make myself clear last week.  I want uptempo, I want no huddle i want THRASH METAL Dave Mustaine riffs ringing from Tom Brady’s fingers on Sunday Night, get this Lions team on its heels and sling it.

Open Some Holes

The Line has done a better than expected job of keeping tom Brady upright over two weeks, now i need to see some more attractive run lanes for this group of backs to get through. The pats are running the ball at below 4 YPC and that will not keep defenses honest. Sony Michel  has had a game and a week to get his legs under him. I expect some big between the tackles plays from Sony and Sexy Rexy. But we all know where that begins.

Let’s show Some Integrity shall we

Gap/Lane integrity from the front three or four was lacking last week on the defensive side of the ball. When this doesn’t happen we all saw the outcome. it’s more difficult to find smaller backs as they stretch the line out and you don’t see them cutting back when large guys aren’t in charge of their faculties,  It makes your linebackers look SLOW . Also this allows quarterbacks to escape and find room to extend plays and pick up yardage with their feet. WAKE UP FAT PEOPLE .


Recognize and Communicate

Pick Plays – Rub Plays killed this patriots defense last week. It’s the same old song and dance. First recognizing that the play is on, motion and bunch should show you. then communicate. Knowing down and distance and getting a good JAM at the line is the key here, short down and distance 3rd and 3 or less the Pats need to fight through the pick and make a play Long down and distance 3rd and 4 or 7 ? let the play develop and drag them down before the marker. . which brings me to my next key


No yards after Catch or Contact, NONE – ZERO – ZIP-NADA

This team has done a piss poor job of tackling going back to last season,its not a hard fix wrap up and drag them to the turf. Or with this receiving corp it will be a long ass evening in Detroit. This is the key to owning third down.

Win the turnover battle : every week people , you thought i forgot didn’t you ?

Thats it my rabid readers this weeks keys are on the ring and waiting to be turned. Sure your asking Murph what about Flash Gordon. I have no idea how or if he will be used this week. Just know this isn’t the Flash of 2013 people temper your expectations . this is Gordon on SWOL he’s not the player you remember tearing it up for your Fantasy Team. For all i know Bill has him learning the Tight End Tree. ( Now that i think of it that isn’t a bad idea) But lets digress…This game will not be a cake walk folks especially if the concussion kids Chung and Flowers have to miss the contest. But even without them this should SHOULD go down as a W for the Pats.


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Author: Thomas Murphy