My Monster Keys to Patriots vs Colts

Haven’t you heard ? “ The rivalry is back on !!! “ those are the words of Colt’s GM Chris Ballard, no honestly he announced it after Josh McDaniels told him and his Junkie Boss to take this job and shove it. it must be true, it’s on now right ? This franchise that cheated and got away with it pumping in crowd noise for and then HGH into Satan Manning and  in their  “Suck for Luck “ campaign to keep “the rivalry” going says its on, so it must be …Andrew Luck the prize  QB who the colts went into the tank for yet has never beaten Tom Brady is back and so is the rivalry. He and the Colts are serious now. I’m sure there is a banner hanging someplace at Lucas Oil that proves it. So you’re prepared now right ? Your bunker is filled ? Good…. Here are My Monster keys to Patriots victory. And God willing,Greg Doyle stroking out in the press box.

Bring your A Game Fat People :

This Colts D is young dumb and full of , get into the backfield ( you sicko’s ) The Colts don’t do a lot right but what they do do well is Sack the QB and while they are in the backfield looking for the opportunity to kill highly paid pretty people, drag running backs to the turf as well, this Colt front Seven leads the AFC in Sacks and the NFL in tackles for loss. The Line will need to be on point Sunday , Holes need to be opened wide, lead backers ( Darius Leonard) need to be picked up and this Indy pass rush needs to be pushed back behind Brady.

Only Frenches on my hot-dogs 

The Colts have no running game ( yes we’ve heard this before ) averaging close to a league worst 74 yards per game on the ground, the lone bright spot to this point has been the pass catching ability of RB Nyheim Hines ( now you get it ?). Beg this team to run the ball. Clog the middle of the field watch the flow of Colts Guard Quenton Nelson and he will take you to the play. Be quick to the edges and drag Hines down.


Win the turnover Battle . I’m not joking here, this Colts team gets after the ball. But we also know Luck will toss two picks, be ready for it .


Limit the Laundry

To this point the Pats have been atop the league in not picking up penalties. Just 19 on the season, one of the things that can bite you in the ass on a short week like this is being tired and picking up stupid penalties, don’t give this Colts team free yards – free downs. Don’t move the chains for them …


Work the deep-middle and Outside The Hash Marks

Cover two seems to be the Colts bread and butter. How do you beat cover two ? bust up the seams force the safety to commit and Throw to the outside , when they roll exploit the deep middle of the field.Cover two is like ringing the dinner bell for  Brady I see a huge game for the Patriot wide outs. With Edelman back they will have their hands full, If Gronk suits up the Pats could hang 50 on this D.


That’s it my rabid readers , the colts can hang banners and print “ The rivalry is Back “ Tee Shirts to their heart’s content, the last time this game was actually a rivalry Yuri Gagarin had just been shot into space. The Pats have beaten this team and it;s town 7 times in a row. Luck under center for 5 of those loses. That being said i want this one BAD , I’m still pissed off about the Deflate Garbage the Colts and the NFL cooked up and Greg Doyle keeps propagating at nauseam , someone please get me in a steel cage with that Jim Irsay Ball Washer. PLEASE .


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Author: Thomas Murphy