Yesterday Stephon Gilmor woke up in a world where he was the reigning Defensive player of the year yet wasn’t even the highest paid player at his position, with new record setting contract extensions handed out to the Bills Tre’davious White 5 years 85 Million and 55 guaranteed and Jalen Ramsey topping that with what some are saying is 105 million dollar deal with more than 75 million guaranteed , well this hurt Stephon , it hurt his Hamstring, the Patriots medical staff got right on this with the first game of the season just over 50 hours away and cut him a check for over five million dollars bumping his 2020 saler up to 15 million and an easily reachable 17 million for the year. 

Now don’t read this the wrong way i am all for ball players getting paid what the deserve and a hold out here and there is good for the soul, but for a franchise who for the past twenty years had made the greatest player in football history plead for a few dollars more and play on incentive laden contracts over his last two seasons here in New England this makes me ask… WHAT THE FUCK ? What the ever loving FUCK ?

I guess the squeaky hamstring gets the grease ?

Have a nice day 


Author: Thomas Murphy