Patriots Fans: Trust The Process

Trust the process Patriots Fans


I can hear you know saying, are you crazy Steve? Why would anyone use the phrase “Trust The Process” after seeing the 76ers not win anything? Hear me out, and feel free to bash me on twitter if you still feel the same way.

What separates the New England Patriots from the Philadelphia 76ers?

  1. The #patriots have arguable the great coach of all-time leading them (yes, Coach Belichick has made some questionable free agent, and draft decisions over the years, but so has everyone else.  Letting Tom Brady leave was one he probably wants back, but that is water under the bridge. Also, drafting N’Keal Harry is another one he probably wants back. Brett Brown on the other hand, has never been considered even a great coach.
  2. The #patriots have possibly the greatest ownership group in professional sports. Mr. Kraft has helped bring us 6 super bowl championships, and he wants to bring us more. We are very lucky to have an owner who wants to win, and not just collect revenue from ticket sales, etc. The 76ers ownership group has been better recently, but they are not on the same level at Mr. Kraft.
  3. The patriots in this offseason have spent more money than they ever have in the past, and we are only in April.  On offense Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry can be absolute studs, and Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Algholor could play big roles as well.   If the patriots can get a solid QB (via the draft or trade), they can possibly compete for a super bowl title this season. On defense, I was thrilled when they signed LB Matthew Judon, and brough back Kyle Van Noy. 

What to do at QB?

Let’s face it! Cam Newton isn’t the same player he was in 2015, so they need an upgrade.  I for one want absolutely nothing to do with Jimmy G.  He has missed over 50% of the games he could have played in since entering the league, and Bill always says “The best ability is availability”.  The NFL Draft starts on April 29th, and I for one can’t wait to see what the patriots do.  Normally, they either stay where they are in the draft order, or trade down (most of us fans cringe even thinking about this).Gut feeling tells me this year is going to be different.  I can see them trading up as high as 4th to get the next franchise QB (Trey Lance is at the top of my list). I mean, why not right? Who do you want them to get as the next franchise QB.

Sit back and see what happens

Many in Boston Sports media and national media would like you to believe that Bill doesn’t know what he is doing, but I trust Belichick.  Hardest thing to do is let everything play out before making snap judgements, but I honestly believe that is what is needed this year for the patriots.  Think back to day 2 of free agency when people were freaking out about David Andrews leaving, and look what happened.  If training camp comes, and you don’t think the team is good enough, then fire away. LOL.  I can’t wait to see what happens from now until the end of July. 

Go Patriots!

Steven Thompson

Diehard Boston Sports Fans

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Author: Steven Thompson