Patriots: Hat And Shirt day?

Milestone Day?

Here we are in a very similar spot as the Patriots look to wrap up the AFC East title for a 10th straight year. The Patriots are in Miami for a divisonal tilt against a team who is always a menace down there.

The Pats gotta keep their eyes on the prize in this game to get the division wrapped up.  This week on our Pats Blitz podcast I said that this felt like a trap game with a huge showdown in the Steel city next week.   Let me be wrong here for the love of God.

I believe Belichick will have them focused on the task at hand. For some reason funny things happen down there when the two teams play.  They have the capability to make this game interesting, but I don’t believe that will be the case here.

The Patriots are looking good right now, and this is generally the time of the year when the team starts clicking. The defense is really starting to come alive, and we we need them to build on their momentum.

There is something about coming up with a plan to cause the opposing team problems that gets my blood flowing.  I’m not going to get into keys of the game here that is Thomas Murphy’s department, and he’s awesome at doing it.

Murph is a funny man when it comes to Florida. Those of you who aren’t familiar he’d rather be on a deserted island by himself rather than be down in the Sunshine State.  I don’t want to get off course here, but give the man a follow – you won’t regret it.

Let’s get back to football now. The Patriots should win this game in comfortable fashion. The offense is looking good right now, and I suspect Sony will have a big game as the Dolphins are brutal at stopping the run. What’s not to like about the Pats here?

Prediction Time

I like the Pats big here in this one 30-10.  The Patriots clicking on all facets of the game, and that is a problem for everyone else.  I generally do five players to watch, but I will just name a few today.

Trent Brown: The Oak of the o-line is gonna be critical in this game. The man covers Brady’s blindside, and will need to keep Cameron Wake away from him.  The offensive line has been nasty of late and I love it.

Lawrence Guy: He’s been unsung this year for the defense.  I know he’s not a name like a Trey Flowers, but he’s been an animal up front this season.  He just comes in and does his job. That sounds familiar doesn’t it? I believe he will be a menace in the middle this game.

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Author: Chris Blackey

Co-host of Boston Sports Blitz. I've been a Boston sports fan from as long as I can remember.