Patriots Rookies: Time To See The Kids Play?

I’m back with another article before kick-off.  I was thinking two would be enough for the week, but here I am doing another one.  Let’s get into some of the Patriots rookies who might see game action tonight.

Undrafted Players

With the Saturday night news that Eric Rowe will be out along with Patrick Chung, we should see young corners Keion Crossen and/or J.C. Jackson. Who likes undrafted players more than  Coach Belichick? They will be called upon immediately to “Do their Job”.  See what I did there?  They will be tested in the secondary as the Lions have a potent air assault.  The Lions ranked 6th in the NFL with an average of 314 yards per game.  Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, and Kenny Golladay can become a serious problem if the Patriots aren’t careful.

The Approach

What type of defense do I expect to see the Patriots deploy tonight?  What I suspect is Devin McCourty will be right in the middle of it tonight.  They are without Chung, who has gotten static of late from Pats fans.  Check out my article five players to watch about where I go in depth about the importance of Devin.  His brother Jason will be thrust onto the field as well, so that’ll be something to watch. While this is a bit early for this team’s secondary and team defense, I like the challenge they will endure here.

Statement For The Defense

This is the time for the Patriots defense to make an early season statement. We know you don’t really know what you have until Thanksgiving, . but tonight is an opportunity to see what the Patriots defense has in a hostile environment.  Will they pass the test? I’d like to think they will rise to the occasion like they usually do.  In my opinion as long as you have number 12 behind center you have a chance.

Shoutout Time

Finally, I wanna give a shoutout to everyone whose has read my work, and or shared, etc.  You make it all worth it! My co-host and podcast partner Steven Thompson said to me “it is time to see the kids play” Sunday night. You very well may get your wish.

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Let’s Go Pats!

Author: Chris Blackey

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