Pats Camp Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers Pats Camp 

It’s that time of year folks it’s Rostering time, it’s cut down time , now if you are new to the show you need to know, i loathe roster projection, not other peoples just my own , i hate doing them . but i wanted to give you some tid-bits on my thoughts on who is on the rise and who could be on their way out of town before we get to week one.  Tid-bits damn now i want Chinese food , Lets get to it


Miles Bryant 

Okay let’s start w an UDFA 
This kid is always around the ball he;s broken up seven passes and has three INT’s ( when this is being written) , Bryant has all the tools but height, the numbers are stacked against him but the talent above him should be nervous . 

Gunner Olszewski 
Hands down the best story in camp and I have to admit I have not heard a bad thing said About Gunner since camp opened , “Bigger , Stronger , Faster !” He’s the 6 Million dollar Gunner! the man is doing it both inside the hash marks and outside the numbers and on a team in desperate need of hands, that’s a plus. Drops happen people RELAX , Order the Jersey now .

Devin Asiasi
Devin will be the #1 TE week one , Works hard studies hard puts in the extras , Bill loves talent and work ethic, and Asiasi has that, add in he plays thru pain, and is soaking up everything being thrown his way as far as getting to know the playbook Winner Winner TD dinner. 

Kyle Dugger 
There is a ton of experience in the Patriots defensive backfield and I was thinking he could get the Red-shirt just a few weeks ago but he;s shown that he can get the job done already at more than one spot …. And will be a big part in this seasons defensive plans, strong versatile the man has the IT factor , 

Josh Uche 
The second rounder has to me stood out with a fantastic attitude and an ability to show some versatility , OLB – MLB , stuffing the run and getting after the passer, This is a great surprise and the Pats needed to hit on this pick 

Cam Newton 
Not sure what competition he really had but by hook or by crook it’s pretty safe that he’s the starter week one, he;s been a good teammate Mr High energy. up to this point. But Cam is always good when things are going well ,  Im waiting for Fig Newton to Crumble. WINNER w an asterisk

Damiian Harris 

Come on you saw this coming, after Redshirting last season Harris has been off the charts impressive in all aspects of the game. although we still aren’t sure how he is at picking up blitz 


Justin Runamucker AKA Rohwaser 

When you get handed a Job and don’t take it , Thats bad , healthy or not , he hasn’t been consistent and it’s hard to overlook , if he doesn’t make the team it will give the Idiot triplets at 98.5 a hard on for weeks, give him time but today i have to put him in this column. 

Sony Michel

Sony Michel is Only here because of the time he;s missed a lot of time due to off season surgery but i have faith Sony Sony Sony will do it again , and again and again. the Man is an excellent RB some people need to get off the 1st round should be more productive kick , 4 yards and a pile of dust used to mean more.

Beau Allen 

Ummm Crickets ? Where TF is Beau , What does Beau know ? Beau Knows the tub , letting Shelton walk over cash was moronic , maybe it’s just not fun here for Bo ? i’ve heard Eagles like to have fun .

Jacoby Myers 

Now i love Myers but he has not had a great camp , he is no lock to make this team , i’m not sure if he;s injured but not hearing as much from or about him as we did a year ago. I for one was hoping for a second year leap but it may not happen. 

Jeff Thomas 

I don’t think i was totally wrong about Thomas, i still loved this UDFA signing , but he’s missed so much time, i can see him getting stashed. I feel like he’s been hidden from the media and other teams’ prying eyes. I can’t see Bill walking away from this kid. But as i’ve said . if you are not on the field i can’t give you top shelf billing. 

Mohammed Sanu 

I have no doubt Sanu will be a starter this season, i just don’t think it will be here , He’s shown nothing to me since he got here, Blame all you want on his second half last season to a bad ankle , but he hasn’t shown me that even healthy he’s worth a roster spot, never mind the second rd pick bill gave up for this stiff, the only thing playing into his having a second season as a Patriot ? He’s friends with Cameron .  ( could you hear my eyes roll ?) Buh bye

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Author: Thomas Murphy