Red Sox Dr’s say Tis only a Flexor Wound: Have at YOU

Yes Red Sox Nation the World Series is Back On . After feeling pain in his pitching arm in his first action vs live hitters in almost eight months Chris Sale went for an MRI. But according to the Red Sox outside Medical Staff including Dr James Andrews and Dr Neil ElAttrache the brain trust has let everyone know it’s merely a Flexor strain and all is well . Hallelujah. 

It seems  all Sale needs is another week or so of rest. “ No surgery Needed At This Time ” , plus the weeks he needed to recover properly from Pneumonia so we are looking at a month of no Sale and an even greater need for “ Openers “ excuse me for a minute while i go throw up ,.. Okay thank you ….

 Even if you are buying the bricks the Sox are selling that leaves this rotation as empty as old mother Hubbard’s cupboard. E-Rod is set as the number one ( as long as his knee hold up )  Evoldi is clearly the Number two man ( as Long as his elbow holds up ) and venerable Martin Perez. You know Martin, he of the lifetime sub.500 record 53-56 and ERA approaching Five. After that it’s Who ? Help me out here. Rush Tanner Houch to the show ? That’s still just four. Should Bloom reach out to Bullfrog ? AKA the Arm of Clay: Buchholz ? Matt Harvy ? Marco Estrada, Might as well be Eric Estrada. O-M-G Bueller – Bueller – Bueller.. This is a cluster fuck storm of epic proportions John Henry and his nerds have steered you into Red Sox Nation. Put your life jackets Now .  Maybe we could call up the Knights who say Ni …

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Author: Thomas Murphy