Red Sox trade deadline: Nothing happened at the Deadline (Shocker)

deadline for red sox

Trade Dud

Well folks the trade deadline has come and gone, its history, and it ended with the the Sox not adding ANYONE at the deadline. The first question that comes to mind is a question that we’re all asking is “Why”? Well the answer to that question is the Sox Brass seems to be “Comfortable” with the team that they have.

I for one am starting to wonder if this years version of the Sox really have what it takes to win it all, and all I have to say to that is we’ll all have to wait and see what unfolds and happens.

It just leaves me baffled as to why our GM would not make any moves to add to a depleted bullpen? Well the answer to that tough question is simply not enough on the farm system to give up to get a quality arm, without giving up our 2 of our top prospects in Dalbec and Casas. Now I understand that as of this moment, Dalbec is blocked by Devers at 3rd base, but to solve that problem, you move devers to 1st, keep Chavis at 2nd, and put Dalbec at 3rd. I do understand ownership and management have a good idea the type of players they have in Dalbec and Casas, and you just can’t get rid of high potential stars like that.

What Happens Now?

So where does this leave us folks? Well we’re just going to have to “bite the bullet” and take it as it comes for the rest of the season, and see what happens.

I for one, still have faith in our Sox that they won’t let us down, but in the end only time will tell what happens.

Till then,

Chad Riley Out

Author: Chad Riley